Ryuu ga Gotoku Kiwami

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Ryuu ga Gotoku Kiwami
Jan 21, 2016
Link ver BLJM61313 : 1FileDirect

Update DLC : Download

English Patch : Download

Fixes : Download – Password : krugrip



– Download this game for ver PC (windows, Mac) : Download Here

Ryu ga Gotoku: Kiwami is an Action Adventure game, developed by Ryu ga Gotoku Studios and published by Sega, which was released in Japan in 2016.

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Anyone has any 100% savefile guys ? thanks

Hi. Can u repack english patch to pkg format

Hey everyone, if you used the fix i linked sometime ago, you should redownload it from here:
pass: krugrip
I have updated the archives for both 0 and kiwami with more stable fixes, the ones i included earlier worked but broke some parts later in the games (a minigame at club sega crashed the game in 0, for example) these work perfectly from start to finish, i beat the games myself using these and the english patch. you just need to resign the game files for 3.55 (if you use HEN anyway)
to do this you need to convert the game to iso using PS3 ISO Tools with all the tools manually updated. The patched files are included in my zips, as well as the old fixes and the instructions to patch the game files yourself. just make sure to update all the files in PS3 ISO Tools, the readme also have instructions to pass 2 substories in 0 and kiwami that broke if you use the english patch, i just left it in there by mistake lol
if you use cfw, i’ imagine you need to patch the files differently, but i have no knowledge of how that works as i have never used one, that’s why i left the old files in there: the main story works from start to finish in both games, the few (very few) things that don’t work concern the side content, so you could technically just beat the game with those outdated fixes if you can’t get ps3 iso tools to work for some reason, but your games might crash on a substory or minigame

Why link mega fixes not available?

Not for the game file……..for the fixes file is not available on mega link

there´s still problem after chap 7?????

is there any english patch so far ?

there´s still problem after chap 7?

This version comes with english subtitled?

ps3 shuts down when in chapter 7 mission or going to karaokekan center, please give a clean dump or else I will shut down your website in an instant. I use hen by the way.

Be happy it’s here in the first place or buy the game then you cheap ass fucking dork

Guy played yakuza for too long he thought he actually is one.

shut your butt

If this game is more than file 4GB??

why there is no located soundcpk ?

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