Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 PSN

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Guilty Gear Xrd
Revelator Rev 2 PSN

Link ver PSN – NPUB31806 – USA : Mega

Update + DLC : Download


Link ver PSN – NPUB31806 – USA : Direct

Update + DLC : Download


Link ver HAN – NPUB31806 – USA : PKGRAP



DLC Content
– Revelator 2: Upgrade Pack
– Revelator 2: Colors Pack 1 Baiken
– Revelator 2: Colors Pack 1 Answer
– Revelator 2: System Voice Baiken
– Revelator 2: System Voice Answer
– Revelator 2: Colors Eclipse 2 (for Baiken & Answer)
– Playable Character Dizzy
– Playable Character Kum Haehyun
– Playable Character Raven
– Alternate Costume for Elphelt
– Preorder Pack: Character Colors Eclipse Set
– Character Colors Bundle (for all characters)
– Voice Pack Bundle (for all characters)
– Lobby Avatar Bundle (Jack-O’ [No Mask], Dr. Paradigm, April, Gabriel)


– Download this game for ver PC (windows, Mac) : Download Here

Guilty Gear Xrd: Rev 2 is an Action game, developed by Arc System Works and published by Aksys Games, which was released in 2017.

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yo tengo como la solución para que funcione el juego en la ps3 una ver que lo hayan instalado deben instalar la actualizacion y despues el archivo fix una ves que ya este instalado todo pongan triangulo y buscar actualizacion por que esto pues aunque ya hayan instalado la actualización anteriores puede que no lo haya reconocido la consola si dice que ya esta actualizado en tonces inicia el juego
una vez que lo hayas iniciado esperas 5 segundos y presionas el boton que esta en el centro el ps y seles cargar a el juego una ves que seles alla cargado pueden jugar sin problemas espero que les sirva ami me funciono

gracias amigo esta saga de Guilty Gear es de mi favoritas junto con la de Blaz Blue, muy buen consejo de como instalarlo…

¿Funciona sin problemas?

para mi todo funciona menos Dizzy, ya que si la selecciono a ella, el juego crashea y me devuelve al menú de la consola, por favor ayuda 🙁

April, 2021

I did exactly that way:
– downloaded and installed revelator usa from pkgi store.
– Triangle on the title, search for updates, there will be 10(after that you don’t need to install the update+dlc pack you find here and in another sites).
– Then I installed fix v3 (it worked, but the dlc characters were still locked)
– so I installed fix v2 too, and again fix v3.
– Done. Everything working fine, all dlcs activated.

You still have your Rap file? All the ones i can found are corrupt.

Solucion para el error 80010007 (Problema con la Licencia)

Descargar el archivo RAP de esta WEB

usando MultiMAN, IrisMAN o cualquier APP que tenga “Administrador de archivo” Tienen que copiar el archivo RAP del USB y pegarlo en la Carpeta “exdata” que se encuentra en el disco duro Interno (HDD000) y listo.

PD: si el juego se queda en pantalla negra presionar el boton home (PS) unos segundos y el juego empezara a cargar

Te agradezco de corazon por despues de los updates yf ix seguia ese error y buscar en foros no ayudo. Esta era la solucion. Muchas gracias

The game is destroyed I can’t zip file

Joer, este juego parece ser uno de los juegos mas jodidos de instalar por lo que veo
El error mas común que aparece es la pantalla en negro…

Mucha suerte a cualquiera que quiera instalarlo, yo también tratare porque soy muy fan de la saga

so did it work out for you ? if yes whats the order of install ?

The link of the second part doesnt work

Yo instale de la siguiente manera: y me funciono
1) Instale el juego base (NPUB31806)
2) Instale los updates
update 1.01
update 1.02
update 1.03
update 1.04
update 1.05
update 1.06
update 1.07
update 1.08
update 1.09
update 1.10
3) instale los dlc fix 1, dlc fix 2, dlc fix 3 y dlc fix 4
4) jugar (no necesite archivo rap)

¿Teniendo el Revelator 1?
¿No te ha dado ningún problema hasta ahora?

I downloaded installed the game by the pkgi store and depoi downloaded the dlc package from here on this site. worked normal for me.

Yeah i do that too

parte 5 e 6 também not found

Eu baixei e veio o Guilty Gear Xrd REVELATOR, e nao o 2.

how do i fix the black screen error?

Hey Thanks so much for the upload. I am getting a black screen even after installing the patch files. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

need first to be installed the guilty gear rev 1 I guess

Se queda la en pantalla negra al iniciar con hen.. ☹️

para poder jugar este juego necesito tener instalado Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator?

porque cuando lo instalo siempre me tira error 800…..

To play this game do I need to have Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator installed?

because when I install it it always throws me error 800 …..

Why did I need the license?

Does anyone find the solution for the 80010007 error?

I Instaled the game 6GB + update untill v 1.10 (another 6GB) + DLCs fixes and only blackscreen.

Unistalled, Instaled again… with que update here and with the ps3 updater.

Black screen or return to XMB with the 800 error…

Any Ideas or anyone who sucessfully installed to explain?

ps3 hen HFW 4.86.1 – Hen 3.0.1

Apparently the DLC fixes on this website don’t support for v1.06-1.10. Your only choice is to play offline in lower versions.

Apparently there’re no DLC fix for v1.06-1.10 yet. Your only option is to play the game offline in lower versions

The game keeps asking for a Game License after I install everything. Can you guys help?

i cant launch it in my emulator. invalid license (RAP) file always appear

i have the error 80010007,what i need to do in this case….i just instalate this but i don’t have the rev1 instalated….¡should i need the rev1?

encontraste la solucion ????

i have the same problem… did you find the solution????

y como se instala todo esto?

how i split the file to transfer to a pendrive

hola ya instale el juego pero al querer instalar las actualizaciones ,e tira error en todas que estoy haciendo mal ayuda por favor

Mega fix link is down

it’s down again

i unlocked dizzy but when i choose her, the game suddenly stopped and i got back to the XMB

i unlocked dizzy but when i picked her or fight her the game stopped and go back to the XMB please help

Is this a standalone or do I need the Rev 1

you need the rev1

Why baiken and answer is locked? And on still at Rev 1
Please help

Rap file?

Can anyone make a mod for this game to change the characters to dbz fighterz ? Because this game have the same engine as dbz fighterz

When i open the game it turns into a black screen

how do i play this with han if its just a pkg it doesn`t have a rap nor game folder

this is just an update you can download the game in the rap file in the guilty gear xrd revelator

Is there a fix patch for 1.10 version ?

Did you solve it?

what is the order of installation of the pkgs, if you can help me please

Same problem, black screen on a ps3 super slim with hen 2.2.1

Help me, when I launch the game It goes Black Screen, what should I do?

go to debug settings then change boot mode from system to release check mode

Could you please clarify?

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