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Fate/Extella Link


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CUSA12154 – USA

Thank @DUPLEX & African

Game : Lest – Zippy – 1File

Update 1.01 : 1File

Password: downloadgameps3.com

Language : English

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Link Mirror 1

CUSA12154 – USA

Thank @DUPLEX & Dorukhan

Game + Update 1.01 : Mega

Language : English

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Link Mirror 2

CUSA12154 – USA

Thank @DUPLEX & hako

Game + Update 1.01 : MegaMediafire

Password: hako

Language : English

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The Holy Grail War and its violent aftermath are over. Peace seems to have settled over the virtual world of SE.RA.PH.

Yet a grave new threat lurks in the shadows. One day, while the reborn Servant Altera and Master stroll through the capital, a group of Aggressor programs appear for the first time since the end of the conflict. Leaping in to save the day is the gallant Servant Charlemagne, but after the smoke clears from the battle, young Altera is nowhere to be found

With the peaceful existence of SE.RA.PH. threatened by a new foe, Servant Nero Claudius and her Master, along with this dashing new ally, will have to work together to protect all theyve built. The next seven days will change the destiny of all who dwell in this virtual world!

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Any links for the dlc costumes?

no esta la vercion pspvita ? me dijeron que esa vercion se puede poner en la ps3 se puede?

Fix 5.05 pls

Never mind this game can run on 5.05 no need fix wew what a surprise!

cual es la diferencia entre link mirror y link download?

It doesnt need a backport, just install it and run on 5.05 🙂

Fix 5.05 please..

Excelent game.
Did anyone have the DLCs for this game?

Fix 5.05 please, i own ps4 pro fw 6.72 but it always get kernel panic frequently when i activated hen, i’ve got to rerun 3 times and then i got hen so i switched to my slim 5.05.

The fate series the best.

muchisimas gracias por el aporte

Oh, eres mi héroe, muchísimas gracias, lo estaba esperando