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Atelier Lulua The Scion of Arland

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Atelier Lulua
The Scion of Arland


Link Download


CUSA14544 – USA

Game : Lets – Zippy – 1File

Update 1.03 : Lets – Zippy – 1File

Update 1.03 (Fix 5.05) : Download

DLC : Lets – Zippy – 1File


Languages: English, Japanese

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Link Mirror

Thank @DUPLEX & hako

CUSA14544 – USA

Game : Mega – Mediafire

Update 1.03 : Mega – Mediafire

Update 1.03 (Fix 5.05) : Mega – Mediafire

DLC : Mega – Mediafire

Password: hako

Languages: English, Japanese

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– Additional Character: Totori: this content unlocks a special event for Totori and makes her available to be added into players party.
– Additional Character: Meruru: this content unlocks a special event for Totori and makes her available to be added into players party.
– Lulua’s Outfit Guileless Princess
– Eva’s Outfit Dancer of Arklys
– Aurel’s Outfit Blood of the Mighty
– Piana’s Outfit Ultimate Savior
– Ficuss Outfit Genius Magician
– Niko’s Outfit The Boldness
– Rorona’s Outfit Time Slip
– Sterk’s Outfit Regal Butler
– Sterk’s Swimsuit “Seaside Paladin”
– Rorona’s Swimsuit “Floral Pareo”
– Niko’s Swimsuit “Capped Captain”
– Eva’s Swimsuit “Glazed Coral”
– Ficus’s Swimsuit “Coastal Trickster”
– Piana’s Swimsuit “Vivid Two-color”
– Aurel’s Swimsuit “Surf Strider”
– Lulua’s Swimsuit “Bright Butterfly”
– Special BGM Pack “Atelier Online”
– Atelier Series Legacy BGM Pack
– Newbie Support Item Pack : a collection of synthesis items that will give a boost start to beginner players
Items included:
* Fuel Dirt (x5)
* Glow Sand (x5)
* Foamy Water (x5)
* Thunder Water (x5)
* Serenity Flower (x5)
* Cotton Flower (x5)
* Beast Fur (x5)
* Fresh Meat (x5)
– Luluas Outfit Innocent Fairy : an additional outfit for Lulua
– Lulua’s Outfit “Fish Girl” : includes the “Fish Girl” outfit for Lulua
This costume will transform Lulua into the protagonist of the 2nd title of the “Arland” series
– Weapon-Strengthening Symbols (Set of 8, pre-purchase bonus)
– Headstart Item Pack (pre-purchase bonus)

Once again, the hands of the clock have begun to move…
And the future of ‘this world’ rests on the shoulders of a single girl.

The long awaited 4th installment of the popular ‘Arland’ series that had begun with the ‘Atelier Rorona’!
In this new story, players will revisit the nostalgic world of Arland and embark on exciting journey of alchemy together with Rorona’s daughter, Lulua.

The dream of this young girl living in the small town on the border of the Arland Republic is to overcome her legendary mother in the mastery of alchemy.
Unravel the future that awaits her beyond the mystery of this ‘ancient manuscript’ and join Lulua and her companions on a new adventure through Arland!

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CUSA13423 please

Thanks to @Duplex @opoisso893 @Admin-psp

thanx for this any My hero’ one justice 2 please thanx

Atelier Lulua ~The Scion of Arland~ – CUSA14544 v1.03 Backport 5.05:

Yeah, we need My Hero One’s Justice II, please share for us x’)
And Also : Twin Mirror plz !

Omg thank you Im an Atelier fan having all the ports on Switch & PC

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get well soon!

Thanks @African. Can someone upload disaster reports 4 summer Memories English version