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Yakuza 3

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Yakuza 3
March 9, 2010
21,9 Gb
Link ver USA –  BLUS30494 (Game): Google
Link ver USA –  BLUS30494 (Game + DLC): 1FileGoogle (Guide byass Google Drive download limit: Here)
DLC ver USA –  BLUS30494 : Download
Link ver EUR – BLES00834 : 1File – GoogleMega
DLC ver EUR – BLES00834 : Download



– Download this game for ver PC (windows, Mac) : Download Here

Yakuza 3 The third official entry in the Yakuza franchise (following up on PlayStation 3 after the Edo era prequel Yakuza: Kenzan!) Yakuza 3 continues the storyline following the events of Yakuza 2. The game returns to Kamiyacho, the setting of the original and the primary setting of the sequel, and features Kazuma Kiryu in the main character role once again.

Yakuza 2 added a new location to the game world, a version of Kamiyacho located in the Osaka area. In Yakuza 3, Okinawa has that role. Yakuza 3 also continues with series traditions of making use of famous actors for its voice staff and also tapping into real world brands for in-game signs and shops. The game uses the impressive Yakuza: Kenzan! engine to create a lifelike representation of the hustle and bustle of urban Japan.

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links caidos

Hello. I’m downloaded EU version and it freezes after chapter 6 begins. Anyone had the same problem? Any fixes? Thanks.

plz reupload dlc fix of US ver
and link EUR ver game

someone can help me with the config that i have to put in the emulator to this game to run without freezing all the time?

some of the parts for mega just have a download error for no reason

Extraction error
YAKUZA 3 [BLES00834]\PS3_GAME\USDIR\data\movie\advertise.sfd

That error will not let me fully extract the game. 🙁


JP ver.???(original ver. without cut content) please upload if u have it, thanks

Where is the PKG file? Am I missing something?

The US version freeze in the beginning intro

usa gdrive part 2 dead link


can u upload us version to mega?

Euro version Mega part 53 is broken. And the google link won’t even open, “bad request” error from URL shrinker.

side note: You cant bypass Google limit if the file is bigger than 15 gb.

Because of this, you cant create a copy of this game, because it has 20 gb of size.

If you can upload it in two parts, it would be great.

Some Mega links are broken – please fix!

Yakuza 3 failed to copy since it always freeze in the end. I suspect there is a corrupted file.

Did you find a solution?

There is one file in one part that doesnt extract, i think its in “stage” folder, that explains the freeze, i’ve searched for hours and fixed it but was a long time ago and i don’t remember the exact file and the zip part. But i have yakuza 3 working if you still looking for it, i can give another look and see if i recall the file that is not extracting.

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