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WWE Smack Down Vs Raw 2010

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Smack Down Vs Raw 2010
October 20, 2009
6 Gb
Link ver BLES00651 – EUR: 1FileMega – Password:


– Download this game for ver PC (windows, Mac) : Download Here

Get ready the get the smack laid down on you once again with the ‘010 version of WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2010. Stepping back into the virtual ring, players will experience unparalleled creation tools, a robust Superstar roster, key franchise improvements and even a few surprises in WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2010.

The franchise’s renowned customization interface delivers a new look, improved graphical quality and a host of new parts in Create-A-Superstar Mode, allowing players to create Superstars who are comparable in quality with their WWE counterparts. Take creation one step further with a new Paint Tool to detail created Superstars with original tattoos, logos and other unique designs. And for the first time in franchise history, create alternate ring gear for Superstars by customizing the colors of shirts, logos, face paint, elbow pads, boots and much more. Save the alternate looks for use throughout the game and online to show off the Superstars in grand fashion. Share created content with the WWE Universe by uploading created Superstars, entrances, finishing moves, highlight reels, created storylines and more. Utilize the keyword search engine to view created content from around the world and download for use both offline and online.

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Bro what password?

Black screen before play or load some mode,anyone know the fix of this problem?

Dlc??? Where is it?? 🙁

Wheres DLC, I need DLC?

where is game file ?

help part 6 mega not work

part 6 mega link dont work

Whem I started the game, I get a black screen and I can’t play the game. I can exit out of it just fine on the XMB, but it never gets past that black screen.

debes de conectar cable HDMI para poder jugar

Es la unica forma? mi monitor no tiene entrada hdmi 🙁

no tienes el dlc

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