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WWE 2K17 Deluxe Edition PSN

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WWE 2K17
Deluxe Edition PSN
October 11, 2016
8,6 Gb



Link ver PSN – USA – NPUB31838 : Download


Link ver HAN – USA – NPUB31838 : PKGRAP



– Download this game for ver PC (windows, Mac) : Download Here

WWE 2K17 arrives as the reigning and defending flagship WWE video game franchise champion with stunning graphics, ultra-authentic gameplay and a massive roster of WWE and NXT’s popular Superstars and Legends.

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i can’t download the pkg why?

Hello, I downloaded the game from the pkg file, installed the rap file, but I get the 8010007 error when entering the game, how can I solve it?

How do I extract the .rar.part parts? help

First i install the game update and DLC then DLC fix , it doesn’t work and there is two games ,one goes black, other ask licence ,, i remove the two and install the PKG of the game only ,,and without installing the update and DLC !!! ,there is one game and work properly >>>>
when i enter the game i unlock all the wrestler and every thing goes fine even i didn’t install the DLC & DLC fix in the second time (I think it still somewhere in the HDD0)….
I hope i was helpful

Last edited 2 years ago by Ahmed

hy i download pkg file and installed and i kept rap file exdata but it shos me error and i cant play game but i did many other games in pkg and rap it worked but wwe 2k17 shos error

Is bad

and which version is better the original version or the psn version

does it really work

sorry, is BLUS31599 – DLC FIX will work with this NPUB31838 version?

try it out, smart ass

dont downlode this game this game gives error

2k17 pkg giving error fix pldd Bro give me solution

Please help me, i already download all the file, i already instal the RAP file and than use reactpsn and already update the game , and already download the file fix dlc but still the game is error, pleasw help what ahoul i do?

do not update the geme if u update u get error re install it and install fix pkg and do not update it it will work

Not fix error bro plss help

al inicio parece que se carga pero de ahi se pone en pantalla negra quien pudo solucionar eso para que me de una ayuda

not working on hen gives error 80001007

bende de oluyo

me pide inicio de secion y cuando inicio dice que es de otra persona que puedo hacer en ese caso

Could you please make this game available in folder format please? because it’s in pkg format and i’m still new to the unlocked ps3 world and i don’t understand much, i just know how to play in folder format.


when I open the game it says error occurred

I downloaded both pkg and rap file on top of that I also singed them but still this error showed(80010007).can any one plz help.

I searched for the rap file using a search engine. Just type in the name of the game and rap file. First results gave me what I needed. I downloaded it and installed it. Worked for me.

Can you give me link where you download it RAP file?

How do u download the game



Whenever i start the game it shows “An error has occurred (80010007)”

have you fix it? same problem here

Yes same here

s.a bunları nasıl indiriyoruz ya sürekli reklam a atıyor

Ps3 4.86 hfw open game fix
Rap file copy exdata file and dlc files 3.55 fix file download pkg dont 4.51 fix unistall and play game

can you send me the game license?

How to update patch to 1.4?

im hen v4.86 . why when i play its say


Man are you serious?? It won’t work or play without its rap file so, please do us a favour and give the rap to us !

ps3 versiyonunda kariyer yapabiliyormuyuz yeni karakter yaratıp?

Does it really work

psp ? How did it work without rap file ??
I’m on PS3 SLIM CFW 4.86 Ferrox COBRA and It needs the rap file to create a license for that game !!!

Use FIX file bro

How to install USB

Does it have Road to Wrestlemania and My Careee

Sorry My career

Is it a rar file.

This folder [WWE 2K17 – Deluxe Pack DLC [BLUS31599 & BLES02239] FIX]
Have BLES02239 – DLC FIX and BLUS31599 – DLC FIX

Which one we should use with NPUB31838 VER ?

Did not work when I open game black screen and freez my ps3 please solution tell me

Hi, which on is complete deluxe version of the standard version? What is DLC for?

WWE 2k17 website take Jaya tho hai per iske baad Kya Karna hai.

Amigos alguien me dice esto si funciona?

When i start the Game it totally black screen and my ps3 freeze.. please i need help for this..


How to install method please tell

Please help me


What do you mean by no game starts ? explain it to me so, I can help you

mine also not starting. Black screen. At first i needed license renew notification. After installing DLC and update files pkg game enter into booting but stuck there and showing only black screen

What should i do after installing the PGK?

If it installed play the game and if it works you’re fine if it doesn’t you need the rap file for it to make a license for the game which this man didn’t upload it !!

Where is career mode

No career mode on PS3 version

where is rap fille

How to install after downloading all the 9 parts?

how to get around the psn log in after 1.04 update ?

Can’t download google drive

Erro da tela preta, como faço?

how does it work only install npub file ? please help me

hey man. thanks but odes not work 4.86 hen… any help?

Tutorial To Unlock All Characters And Arena :

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