Wonderbook Diggs Nightcrawler

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Diggs Nightcrawler
November 12, 2013
Link ver BCES01725 – EUR (En,Fr,De,Es,It,Nl,Pt,Sv,No,Da,Fi,Pl,Ru,Cs) : 1FileDirect


– Download this game for ver PC (windows, Mac) : Download Here

Diggs Nightcrawler is a film-noir inspired, detective story developed exclusively for Wonderbook for PlayStation 3 in partnership with the Academy Award winning Moonbot Studio. Players will partner up with Diggs Nightcrawler, a bookworm detective, in his quest to solve the mysterious crimes in Library City. Use the unique Wonderbook to manipulate the world and discover surprises around every corner and over every page.

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I have a solution for the issue. Modify the Game and the Update-Folder and the Disc.sfb File in PS3_Game, PS3_Update and PS3_Disc.sfb! Then it works for me.

how can I modifiet it?

simply rename it

Why do you want my version(Zengobag) when yours is working?? Look below peeps…

For Christian!!

Last edited 2 years ago by Zen2399

Ignore Christian the knobhead.. He aint got a clue. Nearly finished uploading to Mega.nz AGAIN.. Just waiting for part 5 to upload.. Will supply new Mega.nz link to admins when completed.

Book of Potions uploaded – Waiting for admins to update link.
I’ll be uploading Book of Spells next.
Will also upload Walking with Dinosaurs but that is NOT one of my rips.

My rips work as folder or ISO. Multiman can create the ISO. I use webman to play the games. Just ignore Christian for my rips and trust me..

Diggs is just short of 3GB anyway. 6 files – 5 at 500MB and 1 at 327MB.

Book of Spells -> 20 files.. 19 at 500MB and 1 at 412MB.

Walking with Dinosaurs -> 10 files.. 9 at 500MB and 1 at 63MB.

Camera/MOVE controller REQUIRED for Potions/Spells. Diggs only needs camera. Unsure about MOVE with Dinosaurs but camera is required <- not played it that much but it tracks hand movement..

ADMINS – This will be new Mega.nz link for Diggs -> https://mega.nz/folder/Nv4jSYjD#Kw3oBm3nJixLI2WchJ5aWw

Book of Spells will be this -> https://mega.nz/folder/5vxzHbgC#0WokPzLIyJJrxNptckSS4Q

Walking with Dinosaurs will be this -> https://mega.nz/folder/ojYFWQjL#2pXJ1lN3wgUeN9mQbMVrug

I’ll post on game page when upload is completed – Empty folders at the moment so please be patience. Link will be repeated on the game page when uploaded. OK?

Uploading Potions AGAIN.. Spells Next then Diggs.. ALL UK Folder.. Use web man/Multiman for conversion to ISO.. ALL work without modification so just ignore Christian.. Brainless idiot but you will find out if you trust him!!! You HAVE been warned!!!
# BAN Christian please as giving false info/reports!!

Uploading Potions AGAIN.. Doing Spells next and then Diggs….. Just ignore Christian – biggest knobhead on here.. My games work as folder or converted to ISO. Use Webman..

Do not bother downloading this. None of the these work in Multiman or irisman. Disregard all the notes from people saying this works.. It does not. And no one is offering a fix. Just buy the game from EB or CEX. It’s only about £2 second hand.

I have sold my Physical copies!!! Links to my mega account WILL remain.. I still have a WONDERbook and all on JB PS3…

Diggs NightCrawler
Walking with Dinosaurs
Book of Spells
Book of Potions


Sorry ADMINS – Don’t know where to post this. Feel free to add when I have uploaded and have download link.

Book of Potions will be available later.. Just RARing it ready for upload. UK CD version in folder format. 500MB RAR file size. Folder installs and runs fine so should work if ISO is created in MultiMan.
Can Upload Book of Spells if needed too as not in list.

NO ADverts with my links.. Admins must like them as adverts added.. SORRY..

Sorry ADMINS but I need to mention this.. I used Mega.nz for years and was limited to 50GB Storage and 5GB download each 5/6 hours. I now have the cheapest account at £4.50ish per month and that gives me 400MB storage and 1TB download.. This is why I am prepared to host Diggs Nightcrawler and a later date, Book of Potions. Please trust me and decide if you want me to host Diggs Nightcrawler for you.. Always active as will keep below 50gb limit in case I can’t pay into account at any time..Direct Debit anyway.. Just trust me.

WonderBook Required as well.. Forgot to add to requirements..

If in UK, Check out CEX for Diggs, Dinosaurs, Spells and Potions.. Some bargain price and some a little dearer. Diggs cost me £1 from local CEX store.. about 7 mins walk for me.. Cheaper than ebay but £1.95 delivery on EACH item if not in local store and need delivery. Just have a look..

I think this picture speaks for itself.. Both archives extracted with file properties.. 2.76GB is the compressed file size.. Much smaller than this site that we are at now.. RAR with BEST compression @ 500MB split..

Uploading UK CD version now. ISO+PNG and Folder versions. RAR verified and both work with CFW Evilnat 4.88.2 Final. Password protected as above – downloadgameps3.com

Will be available if admins allow the links when I have them.

ADMINS – Feel free to add to site if wanted. I don’t mind. May have Little Big Planet Racing as PSN too. Need to test and verify DLC, Updates and patch works first. If same as HAN version I will NOT post on Karting page. OK with that?

OH.. Diggs are 2.76GB each. 500MB files – 6 in each RAR archive. Folder tested after ISO and game continues where I left off. Good sign of testing methinks. 😉

ISO when extracted will NOT fit on FAT32 USB devices (Bigger than 4GB).. Will need to FTP over or use a NTFS USB stick and use Multiman in CFW mode and enable PFS driver in lower left corner menu when running Multiman.

Last edited 2 years ago by Zen2399

Why it require ps3 eye

Wonder BOOK Required – Camera and Move Controller for Wonderbook titles (Camera for DIGGS).. I didn’t set the rules so be careful with emulators!!!

Hey How about Wonderbook of POTIONS

Sourced cd game so I can rip for you all. Diggs cost me £1. Potions is £12 for game only or Book and Game for £5.. Just waiting for pay to go in and I will buy it. £5 one has only 1 available and I don’t need another book but will buy if still available.. The community has given me a lot over the years so it’s about time I gave something back. Watch this space..

I have ISO ripped from my version(UK). I can rar it and upload to Mega if that will help. Fully working.

That would be great.

Uploaded.. Sorry it took so long.. I forgot!! lol

can you share the link of your ISO

Forgot all about this.. Sorry. Will have ISO UK Version and Folder Version ready soon. Both RAR and uploaded to my Mega account. Just bought the game again for £1 from CEX,UK so I can rip it for you. lol

Roughly 6GB for each.

Photo of CD, Booklet and case.

Just as proof that I bought the game again for you all… The receipt. lol

OOPS.. Receipt below..

Last edited 2 years ago by Zen2399

The receipt.. Pressed Post comment instead of add image.. hehe. Tried to edit but unable to find “add image” in edit menu.Sorry for extra post..

NO.. Knobhead giviing false information!!!!

Not working….do something 🙂

Not showing in multiman and irisman…pls help 🙂

Not showing in multiman even when directly boot eboot file.

Look up!!

Look up.. Fresh upload from me.

Not showing in multiman

Look up!!

Same problem.. Bought, ripped and uploaded.. Trust me above..

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