Watch Dogs

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Watch Dogs
May 27, 2014
USA – BLUS31176 (En,Fr,Es,Pt)
Link ver USA – BLUS31176 : 1FileDirect
Update + DLC Fix : Download
EUR – BLES01854 (En,Fr,De,Es,It,Nl,Pt,Sv,No,Da,Fi)
Link ver EUR – BLES01854 (Game + Update + DLC) : 1FileMega
Link ver EUR – BLES01854 (Game) : Direct
Link ver EUR – BLES01854 (Game) (@Blue Magic) : MegaMediafire – Password : BlueMagic
Update + DLC Fix : Download
JPN – BLJM61054 (En,Ja,Zh,Ko)
Link ver JPN – BLJM61054 : Direct
Link ver HAN – NPUB31254 – USA : PKGRAP
Link ver HAN – NPEB01433 – EUR : PKGRAP


– Download this game for ver PC (windows, Mac) : Download Here

Watch Dogs blends cutting-edge technologies and sophisticated game design into a realistic and living open world where players must use any means at their disposal to take down a corrupt system.

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no music? how to fix?

la vercion eur BLES01854 funciono perfecto en hen en una usb hace falta copiarlo al play muchos comentarios de no funciona tontos desalientan a la gente a descargar si no saben es su problemas en todos los juegos de la web igual tirando mierda cara de culo

Link ver USA – BLUS31176 en Google please

Link ver USA – BLUS31176 en 1file plis

¿Esta en español?

si la vercion eur

Try this if stuck on loading screen. Delete from HDD and download the game again without updating!

1 first install the game (don’t update to 1.04)
2 when finished, play a few minutes ( just to make sure)
3 abort the game and restart the game, when the system asked for update then goto 1.04
4 it worked for me , hope for you 2

Please help, the game woks goid but after 30 min i got freeze screen, and ps3 freeze stuck
Please anyhelp any idea 💡

el link de 1 ficher esta caido arreglenlo plis

“Link ver EUR – BLES01854 (Game)” empty google folder


hello , there is infinite loading in the USA version the icon keeps rotating but it doesnt boot to the main screen please fix this

Rap file not working for usa version

How you fix this i got the same problem

I m on PS3 hen . Which file I need to download?


cuando instalo los dlc me dice que los paquetes estan dañados

If I download game not dlc it ll work?

Hello mod. USA – BLUS31176 part 9 is missing in Mega please reupload thank you!

Please help the game freeze after playing 30 min

I downloaded the pkg version but it doesn’t work[10/21/2020] so i downloaded folder game BLES01854 and there are more bug(sound of weapons and so on) but when i’m doing the mission Act 8 Act 2 there is a bug with a infinite loading screen
pls fix all

how did you fixed infinite loading screen?? pleaaaasee teelll

Where is the net file transferred?

I got an infinite loading screen. :/

can you put 1 package for USA pls

I download version bles (games+update+dlc) where files update? I just found games and dlc only

does the DLC work for PKG versions

does this have watch dogs bad blood DLC

do I need this update (Watch Dogs BLES01854 v.01.01 or 01.02) can I download only the game update?

Yang bles Emang cuma 4 part?

euro version google part 22 broken please help me 🙁

Yes it is work but I m download another google link and only 22 part broken. You can refresh part 22 or share me?

ı used the link said and downloaded part1. When I tries to enter part1 the archive gives a corrupted error. If I download them all,will I get this error?


i was getting problem when i was downloading game part 21 was missing but when i open it on laptop all issues were fixed thanku very much.

hola podrian poner los link de los pkg por mega me servirian un monto a mi y a mis amigos tambn no tenemos buen internet y nos servirian un monton porfa

Which version works best??

Hry there psp (admin)

Can you please upload the BLUS31176 to google drive as well?

Thanks in advance if you do so.

Do Link ver HAN – NPUB31254 – USA and Link ver HAN – NPEB01433 – EUR work when splitted

What is the size for this game

please google link for BLUS31176. thanks

Is usa pkg is working or not

I wanted to tell that i downloaded USA Version Blus 31176 i copied it to ps3 but whenever i try to open it it stucks on its loading screen i opened my ps3 for 2 hours to see if it would work but it didn’t what can i do?

Same here

Link ver EUR – BLES01854 (Game + Update + DLC): Mega

Problem with downloading Part 13. It says temporary error, retrying but it won’t download. Tried multiple times with different PC and IP. Fix pls

Rap han npub31254 doesnt work

this full game ma?? in 11gb 3gb parts

hey i comfortable with a zip file how can i copy a only a file without folders or anything . i m confused

Hen USA version installed as I should, gives error during start 80010007. Any help ??

how to install ?

What is in Spanish?

I downloaded blus version and when first copied to usb to ps3 hdd0 it able to mount game in multiman but it give me an error for disk scratched or damaged when trying to install the games Required Files on bootup so i tried to convert to iso but same problem again. Then i delete everything from ps3 and try game directly from usb with multiman bingo it worked. Then if you want u can copy ps3hdd and it reinstall data again without error.

does multiplayer work?

Part 10,11,12,14,15 can’t download it

Link ver HAN – NPEB01433 include DLC ?

como instalo los dlc hay una carpeta y afuera de esta hay tres archivos pkg con nombrtes raros cual es primero?? la carpeta o los dlc de afuera????

Mega is fire.Working perfectely

Every time I tried to unpack the MEGA parts, it told me that Part 2 is damaged. Redownloading it made no difference as well as redownloading all the other parts. I found a fix though (macOS, probably works different on Windows):
Download “RAR 5.91” from rarlabs(dotcom) & extract it.
Open Terminal, drag the “rar” file inside the extracted folder into the Terminal window, then type “r”, space, drag the damaged part 2 rar into the terminal window, space, then type in the path where you want the repaired rar file to be saved (“/Users/YourUsername/Downloads/” for me).

It’ll then save a repaired version of the part, delete the old part 2 rar and boom, you can unpack it without a problem

How much hdd space requitment ?

This fucking game requitment hdd space 800GB, this crazy

Thats true admij ?

Wrong, this game work normaly in my console,
You download file in another site,

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