Tony Hawk Proving Ground

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Tony Hawks Proving Ground
September 24, 2007
Link ver BLUS30071 – USA : Direct
Link ver BLES00130 – EUR (En,Fr,De,Es,It) : 1FileMegaDirect – Password : vnsharing


– Download this game for ver PC (windows, Mac) : Download Here

For the first time, players will have the freedom to define their character, story and style based on the choices they make, the paths they choose and the style of skating they use on the proving grounds from Philadelphia and Baltimore to Washington, D.C.

Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground features deeper customization than ever before, including a Video Editor with full-featured editing tools and visual effects for creating “epic skate videos,” and a fully customizable online Skate Lounge where players can skate with friends in the ultimate pad. In addition, players will have the freedom to skate from single player to online seamlessly, as well as utilize new gameplay mechanics such as skateable terrain altering and building, and Bowl Carving, delivering the most empowered skating experience ever.

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Funciona ok

I downloaded this and extracted the files and for some reason “eboot.bin” and a lot of the other files aren’t showing up. I downloaded both parts, so that can’t be the issue. Also, every other game I have downloaded from this site hasn’t had this problem.

did you fix this? i have the same problem

To people having trouble to run the game, reapply the permission for the game in multiman.
A faster alternative is by batch unchecking system & hidden attributes for every files of the game by using freecommander or any other applications.

pleaaaase help i reallly love this game again ii never got to beat this

game crashes right before i start story mode help.

The Google Drive archives do not extract properly, files are “there” but they don’t appear in File Explorer and are not “hidden” or otherwise protected in Windows. Those RARs are broken or corrupted. Download the MEGA archives, those extract and work properly.

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