Tokyo Jungle

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Tokyo Jungle

Link ver BCAS20233 – ASIA (Zh,Ko) : 1FileDirect
Update 1.02 : Download
DLC : 1File
Link ver BCJS70027 – JPN : Direct
Link ver PSN – NPEA00275 – EUR : 1File
Link ver HAN – NPUA80523 – USA : PKGRAP
Link ver HAN – NPEA00275 – EUR : PKGRAP
Link ver HAN – NPJA00075 – JPN : PKGRAP

DLC Content
– Black Pom
– White Pom
– Businessman
– Crocodile
– Panda
– Fat Cat
– Giraffe
– Homo Erectus
– Kangaroo
– Pomeranian Black
– Pomeranian White
– Saber-Toothed Tiger
– Silky Terrier
– Toro Plush Costume
– Kulche Plush Costume
– Mannequin Plush Costume
– Mawashi Costume
– Famitsu Swag Costume
– Demon Lord Plush Costume
– Patapon Plush Costume
– Pipo Helmet Costume


– Download this game for ver PC (windows, Mac) : Download Here

A hunting game for the PlayStation 3 is finally here! The story takes place in the year 20XX, where you are an animal fighting for survival in the deserted city of Tokyo which was once a lively metropolis. At times, you can be a Pomeranian who has given up a domesticated life for its independence, be a racehorse on a mission to find fellow competitors or even be a lion, the king of all beasts, seeking the warmth of home. You can choose to be a carnivore or herbivore, to survive alone or as part of a herb. You must hunt all the animals in sight for your own survival. See what challenges await you…

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  • password not working

whats the password

part 5 EUR is missing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Buenas chavales, yo eh intentado instalar EUR – NPEA00275 en ps3 con HEN 4.87 y no me a funcionado..Pero eh descargar la version HAN – NPEA00275 – EUR y su RAP.. este si me a funcionado perfectamente.. gracias por el juego desde hace rato lo venia queriendo jugar..

Where is the RAP files ?

Ohhh i find the files RAP sorry and thank you , i hope it’s work T__T !!!

Is this DLC Pack compatible with “Best of PlayStation Network Vol, 1”?

how do i download?
i have pc

what is the pass ?????

How do you translate it into English? (What file do I download and where do I put it/extract it to?) In-game it’s in an Asian language and I need to read to know what’s going on when I play.

Couldnt update USA ver, soo i downloaded the EUR (Multi) i updated (Idk how to add the DLC) but the game eventually freezes just a bit after the music randomly stops. There seems to be no specific trigger for the freeze.

It had the same issue, try the HAN versions at the bottom. Download whichever one you want, run the package file on your PS3, then use ReactPSN to activate the RAP file (there are YouTube tutorials if you don’t know how to do that, it’s really easy). It should work at that, no separate update needed.

The game will install under the “game” (all lower case) folder in /dev_hdd0 with a folder name of whatever version you picked. They’re listed up next to the download links. USA = NPUA80523 e.t.c.

If you want the DLC just download the package file from one of the links under the ASIA section at the top. It will install to /dev_hdd0/game/NPHA80203/data/DLC. Use FTP or a cfw app like multiman to manually copy that DLC folder to /devhdd0/game/[your game version]/data and overwrite the existing DLC folder. Once you’ve done that and you know it’s working you might as well just delete the NPHA80203 folder.

I have no idea why the Asian DLC works when copied into the EU or US version, or if that’s something replicable with other games, I was honestly just screwing around when I tried it as I’m not too experienced with this stuff either. But I can assure you it works.

The Dlc Link is broken/ asking for owner permission so we can’t download it.

Can you put the dlcs too please?

Where do I download the dlc? With the pkg and rap file all the dlc is locked!

Late reply but the DLC linked above is for the Asian version so it will install to a folder called “NPHA80203” under “game” in dev_hdd0. Whereas your actual game folder will be called “NPUA80523” for the US version or “NPEA00275” for EU. You can get the DLC to work by manually copying the DLC folder from NPHA80203 into your correct game folder, it should be copied into the subfolder called “data”. Allow it to overwrite the existing DLC folder when asked and you’re good to go.

You can use the file manager in multiman or other cfw apps to do all of this.

sorry its my first install (i missed this gem), how does the updating works if i see 3 different versions here, i downloaded the US one, but updates install like a new item.

Link FIX DLC Broke

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