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The Testament of Sherlock Holmes

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The Testament of
Sherlock Holmes
September 25, 2012
9,3 Gb
Link ver BLES01485 – EUR: 1FileMega – Password:
Link Mirror ver BLES01485 – EUR: Google – Password:

Link ver HAN – NPEB01131 – EUR: PKGRAP


– Download this game for ver PC (windows, Mac) : Download Here

1898, London. All the evidence of police investigation points at Sherlock Holmes as the main suspect in a case involving theft, fraud and double-crossings. Unable to prove his own innocence, Holmes is rapidly losing London’s trust as doubt spreads through the city like wildfire. Even Doctor Watson’s faith in his friend begins to waver, as the famous detective flees Scotland Yard and raises further suspicion; prowling around at night, destruction of evidence… would Holmes go so far as to commit murder?

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thanks run hen 2021

Pleas help. It doasnt unzip. It says wrong password. I downloaded from mega. Thank you

Ir works. Thank you very mutch

blue screen after selecting new game and the installation is corrupted. running cfw rebug 4.85. seems like a bad iso.

@Fure , I tested both way to install it. (folder way & ISO way)
1st the folder installed on HDD work flawlessly 1st shot BUT the iso one created from the installed folder didnt worked (its the one i tested first) but once a savefile was created from the folder version , then & only then after , the ISO version worked perfectly. still dont know why but its the way i was able to play my iso version , now i will try to erase everything and install the game from the iso on a USB stick (Fat32) and see what will happen. (same for games like VAMPIRE RAIN (that you need to fix it first following the instruction someone posted in the commentary) same for the other PS3 Sherlock Holmes Crime & Punishment. they are still a way. its because the guy who dumped the games didnt do his work correctly but they are always a way to fix anything 😉 good luck

I still even repaired the PS3 Spider-man BLES version offered here and its the ONLY version anyway on the web. I tested all the download worldwide , even from russia website and its ALL the same scrapped file….but when you know how , its repairable 😉

the links is dead man for google drive

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