The Legend of Heroes Trails of Cold Steel

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The Legend of Heroes
Trails of Cold Steel
December 22, 2015
Link ver USA – BLUS31572 : 1FileMegaDirect
Link ver USA – BLUS31572 (UNDUB) : Mega
DLC ver USA – BLUS31572 : Download
Link ver EUR – BLES02209 : Direct

Link ver JPN – BLJM61059 : 1FileDirect
Link ver HAN – NPJB00409 – JPN : PKGRAP


– Download this game for ver PC (windows, Mac) : Download Here

Trails of Cold Steel is the first in the series to tread Erebonian soil and explore the inner political conflicts of this oft-mentioned powerhouse nation in detail.

With a standalone story that also delves into the expansive lore that has become synonymous with the series, players can enjoy school life and bond with fellow students to earn new abilities in battle, take advantage of speedy, tactical turn-based combat with the newly-developed “ARCUS” system, and uncover dramatic events that stand to change everything these two opposing social classes stand for.

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Not works on HEN (3.0.1/4.86) even with converting to ISO. Black screen. Replacing files from not helping too.

To guys, who have a black screen. I found solution, I think. Dub and undub versions are working on Hen.

  1. Download game;
  2. If there is no Param.sfo, download it from (US/BLUS31572);
  3. Mount iso image (I using a Multiman);
  4. Instal OFFICIAL update 1.02
  5. Enjoy


I downloaded the UNDUB version, copied the folder to the internal HDD with multiman and finally updated the game from the same console.

It works perfectly, I hope it helps you 🙂

i´ve got some problems on the dlc´s but it is in the game, the game show de dlcs but i cant apply it. exemple: show some costume but when i equip it doesnt have any changes. can u find the solution for it? i´ve tryed to install the fix and other stuffs.[BLUS31572] sorry about my poor english.

Param sfo is missing, I’m trying to convert to iso for external hd

BLUS31572 version

just download it on this site
and put it into the game folder before mount the iso

lol wrong password

found a solution: go to this site
then search for the ID Number (BLUS31572 for example)
download the compresed file, that contains the files that are missing on the game, extract them and replace the files in the game folder type
this worked for me, I convert my games to iso using ps3 iso tools and the game apeared on webman and multiman

thanks man!

it turns blackscreen after rean shouted stop during the first few minutes into the game

blackscreen all the links except the jp han pkg file …

please upload han english version or the patched version at least

had the same not showing in multiman with the first us one but downloaded the undub version and it showed up and played just fine

I now have the oringal showing up and working fine the problem is that it was missing one file called param.sfo which I transferred over from the undubed version and but into the ps3 folder hope this helps some one out until the person that shared it can fix it on a permanent level

You’re a GOD, bro! Thanks a lot! rs

anyone get blackscreen after running the game?

Game isnt showing up in multiman

USA HAN PKG please?

US rap please?

Game not showing in multiman,help…. Pls

Not working

Stop posting it’s working. Just because it works for you doesn’t mean it works for others pal

that’s about all someone can say in response to “it’s not working”. Without any info on the problem, what more would you expect?

Games no show in multiman. I download us version

Why isn’t showing in multiman?

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