The Last of Us

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The Last of Us
June 14, 2013

BCUS98174 – USA (En,Fr,Es,Pt)
Link ver BCUS98174 – USA : Direct
Link ver BCUS98174 – USA : 1File
Link ver BCUS98174 – USA (@Blue Magic) : MegaMediafire – Password : BlueMagic
Update + Fix All DLC : Download
All DLC Multiplayer Fix : Download
BCES01584 – EUR (En,Fr,De,Es,It,Nl,Pt,Sv,No,Da,Fi,El,Cs,Tr)
Link ver BCES01584 – EUR : Direct
Link ver BCES01584 – EUR : 1File – Password: GGALLGAMES
Link ver BCES01584 – EUR : Mega – Password:
Link ver BCES01584 – EUR (@Blue Magic) : MegaMediafire – Password : BlueMagic
Note : Here
Link ver HAN – NPEA00435 – EUR : PKGRAP
Link ver HAN – NPUA80960 – USA : PKGRAP
Note Important : Here
Link ver BCUS98174 – USA (PKG – HEN / CFW) : 1File
DLC ver BCUS98174 – USA (PKG – HEN / CFW) : 1File
Guide : Here


– Download this game for ver PC (windows, Mac) : Download Here

Survive an apocalypse on Earth in The Last of Us, a PlayStation 3-exclusive title by Naughty Dog. Here, you will find abandoned cities reclaimed by nature. Here is a population decimated by a modern plague. Here, there are only survivors killing each other for food, weapons, or whatever they can get their hands on. Here, you find no hope.

Joel, một người sống sót tàn bạo, và Ellie, một cô gái tuổi teen dũng cảm, khôn ngoan vượt tuổi, phải làm việc cùng nhau nếu họ hy vọng sống sót trên hành trình xuyên Mỹ.

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Game works perfectly
I downloaded BCUS98174 , if y’all having problems will black screen with logo , after transfering the game
to your PS3 just download PS3Merge on pc and select the following folder THE LAST OF US PS3_GAME>>USRDIR>>build>>main
It will merge the splitted file that is those pak23.psarc.66600
Into one file pak23.psarc size 10gb just
Then delete these files from the from your PS3 hard disk ‘PS3_GAME>>USRDIR>>build>>main

Then move the merged pak23.psarc file to this directory PS3_GAME>>USRDIR>>build>>main on your PS3 through filezilla or a USB formatted in NTFS it will allow you to transfer the file to your USB , Google how to use NTFS in Multiman if you don’t know how to use it in Multiman

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Create iso

Worked fine for me, thanks a lot!

Guys, just change the game folder _BCUS98174-[The Last of Us] to BCUS98174. It should work.

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Did you mean, The Last Of Us [BCUS98174] become BCUS98174?


What do I do after downloaded them all?

Hi. I just wanted to contribute to anyone trying to get the game running on RPCS3. After hours of trying to make it start and with no black screen I found this settings that work:

Game patches:
Disable in-built MLAA
Enable GPU lighting

GPU: Multithread RSX, Asynchonous Texture Steaming
Advanced: PPU Non-Java Mode Fixup


Can I run HAN version on my 4.81 HEN ?

How I can make the game work in ps3

I beg you, can please someone explain step by step how to install LEFT BEHIND
It’s impossible. I split the file with ps3splitter, then put the .666 files onto usb.
Opened multiman, installed the files.
Opened the game, select last of us , tells me save, during safe in the middle it stops and cancels the save giving me an error.
I try to start the DLC but no luck.
I also installed all the DLC and DLC fix.


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It worked! Thank you

around 30gb

Buenas comunidad, Cual es la versión LatinoAmericana.
Gracias, Thanks

Thax man

por lo que pude averiguar la version bcus es la version bces disfrazada no se si vendra en latino pero no creo ya que el ird se compara mas con la version europea

Alguna de estas versiones sirve para el emulador rpcs3?

Works perfectly

just restart your wifi router

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Make a copy of the game in the multiman but create it as an iso.


I’ll try to make this short
I’ve downloaded the BCUS98174 right below important notes (my plan is to turn into a ISO), but fell into the black screen error.
I’ve tried reinstalling it multiple times, read the important notes, guide and comments, here’s what i’ve tried:

  • creating an iso but multiman doesn’t list the game
  • Joining pak23.psarc but main only has the promo1 folder
  • joining pkgs before install
  • putting splitted pkgs and installing with multiman

The folders the install has created:

  • BCUS98174
  • BCUS98174DATA2

The fact that game folder only has the promo1 folder is a big red flag for me, i’ve opened the install pkgs and there are more files in there.
I’ve downloaded the files from drive with rclone, which has never failed me so i’m discarding a corrupted download for now.

If anyone can help please, my internet provider is playing me at the moment so i don’t wanna download the game again at 250Kb/s from somewhere else.

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no tendrían un torrend de BCUS98174?

can i get the iso file in google drive, please

I’d appreciate this too

when i downloaded the us version bcus on multiman it didnt show up in the xmb of multiman but when i press on the eboot.bin it laods up in the ps3 xmb someone help me fix the fucking game

I have already downloaded the PKG and RAP file of the game and successfully booted it to RPS3 Emulator but the sad thing about it is that after I could not use the controls using the keyboard. Does anyone ever encountered this with the “Press the x button to continue”

Thanks in advance

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super hra the last of us ps3

BCES01584 ok funziona!! 🙂 siete i migliori


It is working… Thank you Yea

Disponibiliza um torrent aí porra

hello broo can you help me to repair this link MEGA for part 5 “Too many connections for this download” problm

My PS3 have 40 GB of space.
is it enough for last of us?

yes, its enough

Instalé en mi PS3 la versión BCUS98174, la convertí a PKG NO HAN con CFW2OFW y estoy jugando ahora mismo, realice una instalación exitosa!

I installed the BCUS98174 version on my PS3, I converted it to PKG NO HAN with CFW2OFW and I’m playing right now, make a successful installation!

esta en espanol la versionq descargaste

goto package installer and select the pkg66600 and it will automatically install all other pkg

in USA version, Google drive link part 36 has been corrupted please resolve it. I have downloaded all other parts and everything is fine except part 36

thanks, it works!

Make a copy of the game in the multiman but create it as an iso.

I played this game and did the ending. I downloaded from this link: USA – BCUS98174 – 1File. It worked. Just rename the folder to BCUS98174. and dont update the game. I’m 100% that It will work. Don’t split the 10gb file. Use filezilla or a NTFS USB. I used NTFS USB

the game works perfectly BCUS. My system ps3 4.86 hfw super slim

what is the game version? is it 01.11?

go ?

I tried but ıt’s not working my game.Do you have any other advice?

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My procedure works

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If it doesn’t work you can try fixing the EBOOT.BIN file in the game’s folder . There are some tutorials on the youtube on how to do so. I did it and it worked.

I dowlanded BCES01584 Ver RIP but I have a problem.I’m opening The Last Of Us but it’s a black screen.Can you help me? (I used Ps3Splitter)

pero cual te descargaste?


How much size is it BLUS

I just try copying the game to my usb, and got stopped bcause of the pak23.psarc file is too big, so if I split it into smaller files, will it spoil the game? . Pls help me

pleas helpi have ps3 auper slim hen version 4.86 and i delete eboot pin and renmae eboot orig to eboot pin and i run the game and it run but i having the black screen what the proplem

solo descargo las 9 partes y listo o necesito algo mas?

hola quisiera saber si el juego esta en español latino

Si, al menos las versiones americanas (BLUS/NPUA) incluyen el idioma Latino

The update is outdated, the latest is the 1.11, not the 1.09.

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You can update the game from the PS3 directly, with no risk of ban or something.

Some body help me last of us game Europe BCES01584 VER RIP 26gb it is not working show some black screen only what can I do

Link Mirror ver EUR – BCES01584 : Mega – Password:

Downloaded renamed eboot.bin and it works

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