The House of The Dead 4 PSN

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The House of The Dead 4 PSN
April 17, 2012
Link ver PSN – NPUB30603 – USA : 1File – Mega
Link ver HAN – NPEB00857 – EUR : PKGRAP
Link ver HAN – NPUB30603 – USA : PKGRAP


– Download this game for ver PC (windows, Mac) : Download Here

Slap in a clip and prepare for an onslaught of terror in The House of the Dead 4! Set three years after the second game, the fourth game in the shoot-em-up series featuring House of the Dead 2’s protagonist James Taylor as well as new hero Kate Green, working together to battle untold horrors from beyond. In addition to the run-and-gun-down-creatures gameplay players had come to know and love, this title introduced hidden “treasure rooms” that contain score-boosting items, as well as interactive sequences that force players to push away grabby enemies. Watch out for the biters!

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works great on cfw 4.87 “muchas gracias amigo”

part 2 and 4 are broken please fix it

iso file please

Hey Guys.. using Hen 4.86, only loads if I activate PS3.. but do not want to do that.. is there a fix file or rap that I can use.. others do not work.. if I use the 421 update screen goes blank

On hen you need file 3.55 fix pkg 4.21 only for CFW

not working.

Tell Admin to add 3.55 Fix pkg for it this is needed for every ps3 game hen.

Please add file fix 3.55 i cant even loaded blackscreen

Where is special? Ps3 has a special mode after james death in canon story… Please add Special spinoff HOTD4

The gamefix on Googledrive link it’s not working….
My game just black screen and my ps3 hang could you fix
The game fix please??

Last edited 3 years ago by Ralf

Man, update your 4th part

Link ver PSN – NPUB30603 – USA

Link google drive, doesn´t work on my ps3 4.86 Hen
la pantalla se puso negra y no inicia, se cuelga
Alguien podría ayudarme????



Creo que tenemos que instalar la version del pkg y el rap

how to shake the gun??

yeah, how you do that? I tried everything

What? I have no prob with that.

Link ver hen USA rap file not working plz fix it

Do I play this game with a normal control or needs something like move?

u can use both if u want

why i the game doesnt pop up in my library? i already copy it but the file was PKG ext.

Link ver PSN – NPUB30603 – USA: Game – Fix

Game fix dead / not available anymore

Psn NPUB30603 game fix file(6 mb) something does not work.Black screen.Any fix would be appedciated.Downloaded the game after so much effort.Now when I open it black screen and ps3 hangs and becones so

Sadly no matter what I do I can not get this game to work on my PS3 the rap file is not working at all on here and the pkg for the game or even the fix is not being found on the main package system or even multiman….please help this is the only site with this game that I can find…

downloaded in google drive, but I have one problem. If I use save file from gamefaqs, game work but without crosshair, no sound, blank setting, I can’t change anything, what’t the problem here?

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