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Tempest 4000

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Tempest 4000


Link Download

CUSA09856 – USA

Thank @Seanp2500

Game + Update 1.02 [5.05] : Lets – Zippy1File

Game + Update 1.02 [6.72] : Lets – Zippy1File


Subtitles: German, English, Italian, French, Spanish, Dutch

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Eat electric death. An arcade legend returns! Mind-bending prisms distort reality. Pulse-thumping soundtrack takes you into the zone. Blast your way through 100 psychedelic levels.

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It really is the US version.

On the other hand the “PS4 Package viewer” says it’s fw5.00, then I don’t know if it really needs a fix or not for 5.05.

Thanks for this new version of the classic Atari game!

Last edited 2 years ago by TeC

Poetic ruins took credit for this? Wow et tu brute pretty sure this is MY share.

Thanks grabman for uploading!

Least someone know’s the truth!

It’s only the base game without an update. The site says “Game + Update 1.02”, but there is not update.pkg included.

Update v1.02 is already INCLUDED in the base game. Check it on “PS4 Package viewer”

Last edited 2 years ago by TeC

I don’t think you can see if a game has been merged with a patch. But anyways, seanp2500 has said patch 1.02 doesn’t even exist, so I believe him.
Maybe you saw VERSION, which has nothing to do with patches. Patch version is APP_VER.

Can you provide the update?

there was no update. This kind of thing happens when the person who DOESN’T own the game submits it. Not to mention poetic ruins is a real schmuck besides that. Terrible person. I don’t take time to point that out for no reason. That BAD of a person. Very arrogant. But basically you don’t need to look for what doesn’t exist. Check pkg database if you would like to confirm.

PSP I can provide proof of ownership. I would ask that this leech be removed from credit and that I be correctly added. Respectfully.