Tekken 6

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Tekken 6
October 27, 2009
12 Gb
Link ver BLES00635 – EUR: Lets1File – Google (Guide byass Google Drive download limit: Here)
Link Mirror ver BLES00635 – EUR : MegaMirror – Password: mfenano
Link ver BLUS30359 – USA : Lets1File – Password: BEASTMODJAILBROKENPS3S

Link ver HAN – BLUS30359 – USA: MegaGoogle (Guide byass Google Drive download limit: Here)

Link ver PKG (PSP to PS3) : Mega


– Download this game for ver PC (windows, Mac) : Download Here

Tekken 6 sees the return of many familiar faces as well as new characters to create the largest line-up the series has ever seen. Adding to the already rich gaming experience, a deeper character customization feature will only further enhance the incredible fighting intensity as players knuckle up against each others. Players can also take the battle online for classic match-ups and to compete for world domination.

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What is a password ver BLES00635


can you post the update please? I can’t find it and my game isn’t the latest version

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why it says this game features an auto save function. please do not turn off the playstation3 system while the save message is being displayed? black screen?


Same. So sas


the BLES google download is missing a file DATA219.IDX, the US version is complete and perfect, you can also use the file from the US version and put it into the EU version, but seriously just use the US version since they are the exact same anyway, i mean there is no other languages than english…

Max Sinner

Can u please share the DATA219.IDX file please

Anti Player

Bro, can anybody answer the question of why it black screened? I’m using the bles ver. Please admin or somebody with the knowledge share the solution. I’m using cfw2ofw helper, i can just turned it into ISO but i don’t want to.


mediafire link seems to be removed. Can you reupload?


tienen que crear una carpeta en el usrdir del juego que se llame tekken_iso y despues entran al juego y les va a pedir descargar unos archivos cache en su disco duro interno y despues ya van a poder jugar

Sr Belope

Hello! how can i installed the game on my ps3?


noy have a pkg file?


BLUS30359 – ABD split hatası veriyor çözümü var mı


No bajen la version de MFenano, no sirve para nada es perdida de tiempo. La de teamgamerbross es la que funciona.


I cant download this at all. I tried everylink and all it does is send me to a random website with a bunch of pop ups. Please someone help me


game have no probem for eu version 00635
first i download game and out the rar
and change my usb format for ntfs
and i upload my usb
open multiman file manager
copy tekken6 bles00635 file
and came ps3iso file
paste iso format
and look to uptade
game is open 🙂


Thanks. This works for me.

Marshall Law

In order to fix black screen, just convert game folder format to iso format in MultiMan game options (mmMAN)


is this an offline game?


how to download for HAN?


psp user a question? You are the support of the page or the owner, well I just wanted to thank you because I no longer buy physical games and download everything on this page.


For those who are having problem with black screen. I also had it when I loaded this game with XMB. I tried to install this inside mmCm, the game then asked to install part of the game to internal HDD. After that, it works just fine.
I used BLES00635 gdrive.


I did see part where it ask to install the game 🙁

John Snow

There is no file “Tekken 6 BLES00635/PS3_GAME/USRDIR/DATA219.IDX” in the archive downloaded from letsupload.
Check downloaded games against corresponding IRD.


mega downloads are complete files including the file BLES00635 / PS3_GAME / USRDIR / DATA219.IDX

good guy :)

someone give me this game in parts 🙂 PLZ




How can i fix the black screen?
i tried 4.86 and 4.84, it didn’t work


I isntall the bless version it did the update 1.03 then when goes to start it says something about trophys to create dont remeber and to press the ps button to leave and dont open knows anyone what i have to do to fix it?


As soon as I start the game I get black screen. I downloaded the EUR version of it. Is there any way to fix/crack/etc it please!?


I have a problem, can anyone tell me why it is not showing the PS3 UPDATE file when I extract it.


Same here


I think that’s why i get black screen. There’s no update/crack file.


Mybe when you start the game in ps3 you should be connected to network so at the start the update option would work


Siyah ekran hatasi aliyorum oyuna hoç girmiyor kaliyor siyah ekranda.


why blackscreen?? im using 4.85.1 han

low level

ps3 hen ver 4.85 black screen

Hafiz Sikandar

-Do these links work with PS3HEN ?
-What is difference between “Link ver HAN” and other simple Links ?
-Is Tekken 7 available for PS3 ?
-Can i install links other than “Link ver HAN” on PS3HEN.
-Why links without “Link ver HAN” does not contain a RAP file link ?


all versions works for HEN. Link HAN is a pkg format game, its install. Tekken 7 is for PS4, no PS3. The Link ver HAN no contains rap, because don’t need it, just install the fix. Good luck


I have an issue with my ic bkuetooth on ps3 so I just stuck in cfw 3.55.. I’m broke so can do nothing about that.. can I still play this game in cfw 3.55? Please help thankyou


Black screen how to fix


už ste někdo opravil ?


i download the EUR version, but the game don’t see my keyboard any advise?




other solution
install IRISMAN_4.84.5.pkg file manager supports NTFS Hard disks & pen disks allows to copy or move files even with 20Gb without splitting them


I downloaded another file from another website. Total size is 11.2 GB
There is this file called TEKKEN.psarc which alone is 4.49GB and that cannot be transferred to a pendrive(fat32). How can this file be transferred then.
Did it work for anyone.


Fat32 drives only support files up to 4GB. Any file bigger than 4GB will not transfer. I use a file transfer method using winSCP and just transfer the file using FTP protocols. Link for WinSCP https://winscp.net/eng/index.php


this is a lie i used my fat32 for gta and thats 20 gb


a fat32 only transfer 4GB image then transfers many for folder files


Bro the pkg file dosen’t transfer more then 4gb but the winrar files can be transfered


No need just transfer it Manually from pendrive to ps3 hard drive inside Ps2game folder


Just use PS3splitter and execute the pkg file which are more than 4gb data and then you’ll be able to tranfer the game into fat32 pendrive

Nathan Andre

NTFS via Filezilla or WINSCP

Max Sinner

Use file manager PKG install it in your ps3, format your pen drive into NTFS format with the help of a laptop or computer, after format is complete put the game inside the pen drive, plug the pen drive into the right port of your PS3 open the file manager that u have installed in your ps3 coy the file from ur NTFS pen drive, paste it in your HDD000>GAMES folder restart your ps3, open multiman and it will show u the game, press X on the game and it will be loaded on your XMB as a disk game


how can i fix the black screen


I have ps3 slim cfw with MultiMan Cobra webman rebug toolbox etc on the latest firmware. And yet i still get black screen after starting.
There’s is a crack or something else missing all other games from this website work fine. I’m using EUR version by the way.
Please if you find time add a crack or a fix. Thank you.


using psnpatch, patch all and works


After the first screen game stuck on black screen. Please help


Using cfw 4.84 cobra


I have the same issue with EUR version is there a fix?


BLUS30359 – USA
This file is CORRUPTED. DO NOT download this.
Download BLES00635 – EUR version – works fine.


Which link .. do you install ????
Which one is corrupted???


How did you managed to get it working? I downloaded it unrar it and put in GAMES folder.. after starting the game it asks for update and then black screen.. even if i update it still stuck on black screen.


don’t update it on the game itself there is an option where you can cancel, remember in multiman game section where you have to press the square button and you have to highlight internal and bd mirror? that’s where the update should happen. if you update it in game it would corrupt your multiman… and it will ask you to install the latest version of multiman which you would need to upgrade also the firmware version of your ps3.


Thank you for that 🙂

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