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Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection Online PSN

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Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection
Online PSN
August 30, 2007
0,6 Gb

Link ver PSN – NPEA00019 – EUR: 1File – Password: ByAlvRo
Link ver HAN – NPUB30009 – USA: PKGRAP
Link ver HAN – NPEA00019 – EUR: PKGRAP


– Download this game for ver PC (windows, Mac) : Download Here

The Tekken tournament continues in this downloadable version of the arcade game — and with this updated Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection Online version, gamers can at last battle each other online! Dark Resurrection features over 30 characters, including Dragonuv and Lili, the two new characters that were added for the Dark Resurrection arcade update. Also making the trip over from the arcade are new stages, themselves based off the original Tekken 5 stages, but with climate and time effects as well as new background objects, totalling 19 stages.

The PS3 version features full 1080p visuals and the playable debut of boss character Jinpachi. In addition to the online play in Tekken 5 DR Online, the game adds new practice and survival modes of play. Players will be able to show off their skills in an online ranking mode as well.

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Something doesn’t make sense
This game was 4gb on ps2 which it even was 480i SD
Why 1080p HD version of the same game is only 0.6gb?

Mega and google drive links are offline. Can you please reupload it?

Admin this isn’t the online version. Please upload the Online version for USA if you can, thank you!

Don´t you guys has a FIX for the USA version of the game?

Can you guys post the USA PSN version of the game, the EUR version doesn´t open in old TVs (480p), only the american version. Thanks

Valeu fuciona mesmo em.

Hay alguna forma de ver la galeria offline?

your rap files are broken:((

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