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Tales of Berseria

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Tales of Berseria
Japan / English Patch
Game + English Patch + DLC



1. English Patch

Cick Here


Download English Patch : Download or Link Mirror

How to install English patch:

1. Replace 5 files in original folder with ones from patch archive. List of files and their locations:


2. Patch file TLFILE.TLDAT placed in folder listed below with file TLFILE.xdelta via xdelta UI software.

Location of file TLFILE.TLDAT:


(xdelta UI – tool for using xdelta patches – Download)

Guide DownloadTool Download )

2. All Fix DLC + Update

Cick Here

Updates 1.01: Download

Updates 1.02: Download

Catalog Data No.01: Download

Catalog Data No.02: Download

Catalog Data No.03: Download

FIX for Costumes and Catalogs 4, 5, 6: Download

Starter Packs DLC: Download

Guide DownloadTool Download )

3. Download Game

Link ver BLJS10330 – JPN (Game): MegaMirror

Link ver BLJS10330 – JPN (Game + English Patch + DLC): 1FileGoogle
(Guide byass Google Drive download limit: Here)


– Download this game for ver PC (windows, Mac) : Download Here

Tales of Berseria is a Role-Playing game, developed and published by Bandai Namco Games, which was released in Japan in 2016.

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Game + English Patch + DLC iFile link is expired

This may be a dumb question,but how do I install the game ? (I already made the required alterations)

Game works fine until I arrive at Loegres (the capital of the empire), about 10 hours of gameplay. After the save point, I go to the stairway before the target location and then screen goes black and keep loading symbol at the bottom right corner. I cannot do anything except press sellect button to pause, which doesn’t help anything. And when i try to quit the game, my ps3 crash (with 2 pip sound).
Does anyone knows how to fix this? Or at least, could anyone go through this scene and make a save file and send it to me please? I could send you my save files.

Last edited 2 years ago by Nick1806_92

Try to play the Japanese version (unninstall the english patch) and play until you think you won’t have that problem.

So I opened the xdeltaUI but I don’t know where the output file is supposed to be. The patch is in the downloaded file, and the source is in the COMMON folder on the game yet I can’t do anything about the output one, it kept saying it’s already been used. Please help me out and thanks before

did you figure it out? pls tell me

Rename the output one to TLFILE.TLDAT1 or wahtever u want…. when the patch process is finished, change the files.

It work’s for me on Hen 4.86. Thank’s for the game & English patch.

nice!it worked

work flawlessly on ODE 4.53

Black screen at the load of the game, how to fix it??

Did you find out how to fix black screen? I try to play on ps3 hen but i get black screen @KKK

All the google drive links’ are dead, please reupload

worked here with path, tks

Can anyone tell me how to install the english patch?

Please reupload game locks on blackscreen

Or someone make a tutorial or something showing how to do the patch and show proof that it works

Reupload pls

Can someone post a new link of the game that works and is already english patched because this doesn’t seem to work.

what do i do with the 002-016 files?

nvm wrong thing how do i fix the locked blackscreen?

this game dont work
need another eboot.bin file
dont work in cfw 4.82

Works perfect in Hen3.0. If it locks on the black screen, carefully redo the patch. (In the first attempt it didn’t work, but with attention I did it right in the second).

Audio only in Japanese, English subtitles.
Everything else very well translated

how you can play? im hen.30 too but it give me blackscreen

did you find out how to play on hen?

did you figure out how to play in hen 3.0? @rzki

Works perfect in Hen3.0.
If it locks on the black screen, carefully redo the patch. (In the first attempt it didn’t work here, but with attention I did it right in the second).

Audio only in Japanese, English subtitles.
Everything else very well translated.

Thx for the up!

como hiciste lo del parche

how do you get it to work in hen? i did the patch but still gives black screen

funciona exelente en CobraFerrox 4.82 gracias!!

¿Esta en español? xd

Freeze blackscreen PS3 ofw 4.82

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