Syberia Complete Collection

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Complete Collection
August 28, 2015



Link ver EUR – BLES02028 (En,Fr,De,Es,It) : 1FileGoogleDirect – Password:



– Download this game for ver PC (windows, Mac) : Download Here

Syberia Complete Collection: This compilation pack contains two adventure titles from acclaimed designer Benoît Sokal. Included are both Syberia and Syberia II.

SYBERIA — A journey beyond compare… For the young Kate Walker, an ambitious lawyer, the Voralberg toy company acquisition seemed like a textbook case — a quick stopover to a small alpine village in France to buy-out an old automaton factory, then straight back home to New York. Her journey across land and time throws all she values into question, while the deal she set out to sign turns into a pact with destiny…

SYBERIA II — Embarking on a desperate search for Hans Voralberg, Kate Walker crosses Europe from West to East. She has left behind all her worldly possessions with the express purpose of joining the heir of the Voralberg family on his journey. Together, through mystical and enchanting lands, they will find their way to the mythical Syberia, land of the forgotten mammoths. Make your way to Syberia, overcome many difficult obstacles on the way, and deal with shady characters to uncover clues vital to the continuation of the quest. The game features four different worlds to explore and an updated graphics engine with dynamic lighting effects.

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I D/L BLES02028 run found “You cannot play this game of the current video output setting.(80028F10)”
I alway use HDMI auto 480-1080 until found this problem and I have no idea to fix it.

Baixei a versão “BLES02028” pelo link do MEGA mais a senha mencionada ( está dando erro

I downloaded the version “BLES02028” through the MEGA link plus the mentioned password ( is giving an error

Thank you so much!!!

Pra que tanta propaganda infinita cara? Que porcaria de lixo.

Thank you! <3

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