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May 8, 2012

Link ver USA – BCUS98181 (En,Fr,Es,Pt) : 1FileDirect – Password:
Update + Fix DLC : Download
Link ver EUR – BCES00907 (En,Fr,De,Es,It,Nl,Pt,Sv,No,Da,Fi,Pl,Ru) : 1FileGoogleDirect
Link ver HAN – NPEA00410 – EUR : PKGRAP

DLC Content
Starhawk Solo Campaign
– Bishop Mullens Skin,Gamma Sacrum Skin,Huxley Ardin Skin
– Rift Hunter Skin,Shade Warrior Skin,Sweet Tooth Outcast Skin
– Tyro Exussum Skin,Victor Rodriguez Skin
– Classic Warfighter Series Vehicle Paint Jobs
– Rally Series Vehicle Paint Job
– Spectrum Collection Vehicle Paint Job
– Mega Extreme Series Vehicle Paint Jobs
– Warhawk Paint Job Pack
– Echo Scrapyard Homeworld
– Grizzly Rig
– Hand of the Founder
– Maw of Despair Prospector Map
– Mire Prospector Map


– Download this game for ver PC (windows, Mac) : Download Here

In the far reaches of space, factions of humanity battle over a rare and dangerous resource known as Rift Energy. Colonies of humans called Rifters have been exploring the “Frontier” of planets, but find their way of life threatened by the Outcast, a ruthless species of humans who have mutated into psychotic monsters due to exposure to this very same Rift Energy. Caught in the middle is Emmett Graves, a hired gunslinger ostracized from society because of his own exposure to Rift Energy, leaving him partially mutated, but still able to retain his humanity. Graves is drawn back to his home settlement to face a mysterious outlaw and his war band of Outcast warriors.

Starhawk provides fast paced third-person shooter action set in this lawless frontier of space, allowing players to instantly alter the battlefield by calling down offensive and defensive structures in real-time from an orbiting drop ship, all while blasting away at enemies in the middle of huge single-player or multi-player firefights.

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esta en español?

Se puede inyectar este juego en la ps3??, digo sin hack de ningun tipo, solo via inyeccion.

Que diferenci tiene la Version BCES00907, con las otra BCES01234???
Pregunto aca por que no lo encuentro en ningun lado…
Y por que el BCES00907 no trae dlc???
Desd ya muchas gracias….

Sólo hay una BCES bro, hay ocasiones en las que las versiones de EU no traen DLC o las USA no tienen DLC, pero esto también varía, ya que hay ocasiones en las que la versión USA no tiene idioma español y la de EUR, sí o viceversa, así que es un gran dilema a la hora de descargar los juegos, sacrificar el DLC por jugarlo en español o tener todo en inglés y jugar los DLC’s.

i’ve downloaded usa ver via MEGA, when i extract and entered password given above it tells wrong password, could you please update the correct password?

DLC Fix US link is dead please re-up

Sadly the EU version is a ripped version, so in some situation it doesnt run the cinematics and the UI. So is unplayable at some point on the campaign mode, so take it in count.

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