Spider Man Shattered Dimensions

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Spider Man
Shattered Dimensions
September 7, 2010
BLUS30499 – USA (En,Fr)
Link ver BLUS30499 – USA : Direct
Link ver BLUS30499 – USA : Mega – Password: mfenano
Fix DLC : Download

BLES00946 – EUR (En,Fr,De,Es,It)
Link ver BLES00946 – EUR : Direct
Link ver BLES00946 – EUR : 1File
Link ver BLES00946 – EUR : Mega – Password: vn-sharing.net
Link ver BLES00946 – EUR : Google – Password: downloadgameps3.com
Fix DLC : Download


– Download this game for ver PC (windows, Mac) : Download Here

Spider Man Shattered Dimensions blends together the many alternate universes of the world-famous webslinger with four unique takes on Spider-Man’s history in comics. In the game, Spider-Man attempts to retrieve a piece of a tablet that’s been scattered across multiple parallel dimensions, and in doing so he crosses over to storylines famous to comic book aficionados as variant tellings (including The Amazing Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2099, Spider-Man Noir & Ultimate Spider-Man) of the Spider-Man mythology.

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can we get this on ps4

BLUS30499 Works Fine With Cosmic Edition DLC Fix On HFW 4.87

eur version dlc link is not working. mega deleted the files I think

Ffckk are many parts, why no in just onefile”!?
so in parts it is more difficult to decompress and that it can remove all the files, it does not allow it to acquire complete.

cual de los dos esta en español o subtitulado .. el bles o el blus ayuda

Please upload pkg and han

Best link ever thanks man . Never show download link just only ads . I’ll buy you coffee dude with your ads

I am install BLUS30499
First the game run it checking downloadable content
I wait for more than 15 min.
And the game doesn’t operate

links are broken bros can you fix them :'( pls

The file downloaded from the google drive gave: “Checksum error in encoded file.”

will this work on a region 3 ps3 as well?

after i downloaded all the files i get an eror i tryed the password but it dosent work

Thank you, gracias.

To get this game on ps3 i just need to download it from the links here?

To get this game on ps3 i just need to download it from the links here?

Thanks. Game BLES runs fine on ps3 slim 500gb, 4.84cfw ferrox, 4.85 multiman update.

links are broken can you fix the links thanks

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