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May 22, 2012
Link ver BCES00819 – EUR (En,Fr,De,Es,It,Nl,Pt,Sv,No,Da,Fi,Pl,Ru) : 1File – GoogleMegaDirect


Link ver BCUS98203 – USA (En,Fr,Es) : Direct


Link ver HAN – NPUA80796 – USA : PKGRAP



– Download this game for ver PC (windows, Mac) : Download Here

Sorcery: PlayStation brings the world of magic and wizardry to life with Sorcery, the newest addition to the PlayStation Move motion controller software line-up.

The Nightmare Queen has broken the ancient pact with mankind and threatens to cover the land in eternal night. As a young sorcerer’s apprentice, it is up to the player to master the arcane arts and fight back the foul creatures of this magical realm. Sorcery puts the power in the players’ hands using the PlayStation Move motion controller and letting them conjure and command powerful magic as they brave the dark world of the Faerie Kingdoms.

On their journey, players will encounter a multitude of enemies, solve ingenious puzzles, learn powerful spells, and craft strange potions with the in-game alchemy system. With over eight spells that can be used in various combinations and countless items to discover and collect, Sorcery immerses players in a unique fantasy adventure like never before.

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Hi friends here is my share of the game USA version, I would really thanks if the administrator or somebody else upload it to other servers, this a very difficult version to find and it will be good if it is in many severs as possible, I will keep Uploading some others USA games that weren’t shared before and please add the tag thanks to Albert.The.Chino.Games, Enjoy friends!!

Yes it is ISO format and it works perfectly on jailbreaked PS3, and it is already splitted for fat32 format (:

You’re welcome friend !

error instaling game data

error instal data before playing

Error instal data please help me

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