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Smash Hit Plunder

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Smash Hit Plunder



CUSA11263 – USA (@Opoisso893)

Link Download

Note: Game for PS4 – not use PS3

CUSA11263 – USA

Thank @Opoisso893

Note : Link Zippy only use with Jdownload2

Game + Update 1.03 + Update 1.03 (Fix 5.05) : LetsZippy1File


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CUSA11263 – USA (@seanp2500)

Link Download

Note: Game for PS4 – not use PS3

CUSA11263 – USA

Thank @seanp2500

Game + Update 1.03 : LetsZippy1File

Update 1.03 (Fix 5.05) (New) : Download


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Smash Hit Plunder is a physics-based tear-it-up set in a magical medieval castle and its sprawling surroundings. Be a powerful mage with the freedom to explore each dungeon from inside a first-person view of a gorgeous, classic isometric video game.

Fight ghosts, munch food, start fires, destroy and cause chaos while avoiding the wrath of your ancestors – collect as much treasure as possible before your time ends!

Try levels alone and compete in personalized trials, or have a friend drop in at any time to help you on your epic adventure in ‘Treasure Rush’, ‘Scavenger Hunt’ or ‘Free Play’.

You can even cry havoc and battle it out with up to 4 players VS in hide-and-seek ‘Poltergeist Panic’ or fight for possession ‘Jewel Duel’.

With full narrative, dungeons, 5 game modes, progression unlocks, and a ghostly conclusion – Smash Hit Plunder will keep you entertained for hours.

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Smash Hit Plunder VR Update 1.03 PROPER Already Backported


Notes: 5.05 Backport! Saves work now 😛
A few vomits later…

Last edited 2 years ago by CyB1K

Smash Hit Plunder VR Update 1.03 Already Backported


Notes: I couldnt find how to save the game, not sure if its working because my headset is not properly setup so i cant do some actions as in properly playing!

We should have VR to play that game?

Yes it’s mandatory

Solution to download Playstation 5 games

Someone on 6.72 can tell me when the game makes saves.
Do you need to play a lot before getting a save? Or just starting game and exit it is enough to get a save?
I ask because my backport 5.05 does not give me any save after playing 10 minutes.

please can you add up Crayola Scoot for PS4? I can’t find it anywhere! Thank you

Please , up final fantasy 8 remastered , PLEASEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

please, up the last of us part 2