Sled Storm

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Sled Storm



SLES50683 – EUR

Link Download

Note: Game PS2 to PS4 (FPKG)

Thank @VikaCaptive

SLES50683 – EUR

Game : Mediafire

GamePlay Video (PS4 Pro) – Here

Note: Game was tested on PS4 PRO. Another experimental PS2toPS4 convert.

EURO version of game! Now you can play with various languages!

All Graphical Bugs – FiXed! PAL version (Unlike NTSC) had some slowdowns, but was – FiXed with picked right emu!

If you want unlock all characters, on title screen hold L1 + R1 and enter – circle, triangle, circle, triangle, circle, d-pad down

Other cheats Here

Languages : English, French, German

Guide DownloadTool Download )


[SLUS00955] [SLUS20363] – USA

Link Download

Thank @VikaCaptive

[SLUS00955] [SLUS20363]

Game (PSX) : Mediafire

Game (PS2) : Mediafire

Game Play Video (Sled Storm PSX PS4 Pro) – Here

Game Play Video (Sled Storm PS2 PS4 Pro) – Here

Note: Another experimental PSX/PS2toPS4 converts.

PSX version work good on new PSX emulator on PS4!

No Music issue – FiXed! Another one good game with CDDA FiX! Widescreen patch – added!

PS2 version have FiX for thin vertical lines that separate screen picture, so that mean – All Graphical bugs – FiXed!

All Characters and All Levels is unlocked for PS2 ver.

Language: English

Guide DownloadTool Download )

Experience the white-knuckle thrill of trying to harness the power of over-engineered sleds all the way to the finish line.
Race beyond boundaries in this all-out world of high-powered sled racing where speed is a necessity and losing is not an option. Sled Storm, the fuel-injected addition to the EA Sports Big line-up, delivers on high speed, big drops and excessive inclines. Screaming sleds compete in volume with the biggest beats from the industrial charts, which is just what is needed to push you over the edge. Unique shortcuts, incredible track design and cutting-edge machines take you into worlds of neck-and-neck arcade action.

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