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Skylanders Spyros Adventure

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Skylanders Spyros Adventure
October 16, 2011
9,6 Gb



Link ver BLES01272 – EUR: Lets – 1FileGoogle – Password:



– Download this game for ver PC (windows, Mac) : Download Here

In Skylanders Spyros Adventure players take on the role of a powerful Portal Master who can control over 30 different characters, including the beloved fire-breathing dragon Spyro. Players will embark on a fantastical journey into an amazing world, where they will explore mysterious, mythical lands, battle menacing outlandish creatures, collect gold and treasures, and solve interesting puzzles while on a quest to save their world from Kaos, an evil Portal Master.

Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure changes the way we look at toys and videogames, as well as how we interact with them by introducing action figures that become interaction figures and remember all of their dynamic experiences created in the game. For the first time ever, players can personally customize and power-up their toys, as well as bring them to life on a friend’s Portal of Power for co-op play and player-versus-player arena battles. Additionally, with the freedom to change characters whenever they like, Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure allows kids to utilize different interaction figures and strategies each time they play.

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PARAM.SFO is missing

how to install rar games on ps3 :0

pkg please ;-;

how to download games from rar :O

Does not works without Wireless Receiver from Portal Charger

Does it need any special thing?

This game need portal power and character’s I have this game starterpack edition

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