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Samurai Warriors 4 PSN

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Samurai Warriors 4 PSN
Oct 21, 2014
12,5 Gb + DLC


Link 1File – PSN – USA – NPUB31564: Download
Link Direct – PSN – USA – NPUB31564: GameFix DLC
Link Google – PSN – USA – NPUB31564: Download – Password: downloadgameps3.com

DLC 1 : Download

DLC 2 : Zippy1File
Link ver HAN – NPUB31564 – USA: PKGRAP
Link ver HAN – NPEB02062 – EUR: PKGRAP
DLC Content:


– Download this game for ver PC (windows, Mac) : Download Here

Samurai Warriors 4: With the series celebrating its 10th anniversary, the main Story Mode has been overhauled, with two primary ways to play: Regional play, which focuses on the heroic actions of individual warriors throughout the land and A Land United, which focuses on the final years of the turbulent Warring States period. No fewer than fifty brave warriors play out this rich historical tapestry.

New moves, such as crowd-clearing ”lightning moves” and the ability to switch freely between two characters on the battlefield, make this title the most free-flowing and satisfying yet.
Finally, the all-new Ronin Mode allows you to travel the length and breadth of Japan as your very own customizable warrior, and create your own history!

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Link ver Han can’t download PKG

thanks brother, problem solved

Please fix dlc 1

It installs fine but doesn’t launch, needs permissions. I found a crack separately and now it works fine and the first DLC scenario pack with some costumes, weapons and two horses loads too: https://uptobox.com/7y9kw3o8qshy

Now if there was a way to install the rest of DLCs, there’s more costumes, horses, and scenarios but the game is fine as it is without the.r

Please fix this dlc 🙁 i need costume 6,7,8

I couldn’t make those work =( If you want them badly, get the PC version of Samurai Warriors 4-II, it has all DLC weapons and costumes in it, same characters +1 but different stories and Endless Castle instead of Chronicle mode.

please uploud game folder no PKG 🙁

Please upload game bles/blus No PSN 🙁

This game was PSN only on PS3 I think

Part 5 google empty response:(

hi, is there a version of ps4 of this game? could you upload it. thank you.

fix dlc in direct link is error.Please reupload!Thanks before.

hello after I installed the game and the dlc. it wont let me play it. it says i need to buy it on the sotre

Hi dear, i have problem with this game, why if i play this game always blacksreen ? can you help me ?

friend, I don’t know how to play the npub file format, it’s very different from the blus that is only extra, please tell me how to play the npub file game

There’s a problem with the DLC, why the DLC is Japanese when the game is in English? Some weapons name sre in english, but the secret history DLC is ini Japanese? Help and Thank You

Problem withthe dlc, why is the language in japanese when the game is USA?

Part 3 .rar file on google download cannot be extracted. Only gives error for the file.

It keep showing “an error occurred during start operation” (80010007) pls help I already place the rap file to exdata

please upload the BLUS version

Can you upload it to bluray for CFW? I already tried convert PKG files, it always fail

Do not upload games or fix at 1fichier >> it’s the worst site ever!!

There’s problem in fix dlc my bro… Please fix

Why can’t it install? Usually I can see stars on them, but this doesn’t exist..please help

I can’t install bro, usually a pakage file from the ps3 turns up a popped star. But this doesn’t exist…

My friend how can I prove the game? samurai warriors 4 for ps3

hi , i dont know how to unstall this game ,dont know white wich one i start … please help, show me the steps to play this on my ps3

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