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Rogue Galaxy

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Rogue Galaxy


Rogue Galaxy
SCES54552 – EUR
– The game is patched on widescreen 16: 9
Link PKG: MegaGoogle
Link RAP: Download
– Guide download : Here
– Guide byass Google Drive download limit: Here
– If you have PS3 CFW just install the PKG file. RAP file for PS3 OFW with PS3Xploit v3.0 HAN
– Upload by Denmok

From the developers of the critically acclaimed Dark Cloud 2 and Dragon Quest series, Level-5 delivers an unparalleled role-playing game experience with Rogue Galaxy for the PS2. Set in a vast world, this action-RPG provides gamers with visually stunning backdrops, an immersive storyline with plenty of unexpected twists, and a proprietary combat system that gives the player total control of an epic adventure. Control up to three characters at a time, each colorfully brought to life within highly detailed environments. In addition to the compelling storyline, gamers will have access to multiple mini-games and be able to generate custom weapons and items by creating their own factory.

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Alguem pode me dizer pq não estou conseguindo baixar ? Os link estão ruim ou tiraram quero baixar no meu ps3 mais não to com segundo não aparece os link em nem uma link

Can you upload the English version?

Noob here. What is the difference between PKG file and the regular one(the one where you just put the game folder in ‘GAMES’ folder on HDD external) and how do I install it if my PS3 has mmCm? Thanks before.

PKG is an installation file just like games downloaded from the PS Store. Just transfer the game through irisman or any file manager and install it just like any other file. You also need a rap file that will grant you ownership of the game and you can activate the rap file through a program called ReactPSN. I don’t know what mmCm is sorry.

why is this game 8gb while the ps2 iso is only 4?

because the iso you found is missing the ending movie

Game is more than 4gb. Gane splitted using ps3splitter then use multiman to install. Thanks.

Thanks. Game runs fine on 4.85cfw ferrox. Game rap file activated using ReactPSN. Nice version unlike when playing ps2 iso on ps3 which turn your ps3 to a jet. Please add these games with this kind of version: bards tale, baldurs gate dark alliance 1-2, champions of norrath, the punisher. Hehe. Thanks in advance.