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Resident Evil Outbreak File #2

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Resident Evil Outbreak File #2


Link ver PKG + RAP
SLES53319 – EUR
– The game is patched on widescreen 16: 9
Link PKG: Google
Link RAP: Download
– Guide download : Here
– Guide byass Google Drive download limit: Here
– If you have PS3 CFW just install the PKG file. RAP file for PS3 OFW with PS3Xploit v3.0 HAN
– Upload by Denmok
Link ver PKG

Link Download : Google

A biological disaster has turned everyone around you into flesh-eating zombies, and now you and seven other survivors must work together to escape the city. In the sequel to Resident Evil: Outbreak, you can discover the truth behind the T-virus outbreak by exploring five new locales, including a zoo, the subway, and the police station. Like its predecessor, Resident Evil Outbreak File #2 features an online cooperative mode for up to four players.

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Does this download have any glitches..All the other links have a glitch. If you use an emblem or pick up a key there is always an extra to take which you cant use… Hopefully this one is the 1 from the real game.

Thanks buddy, will try… However mine is a PS3 Hen console. This package file will work right.

I mean I downloaded ISO files and encrypted through PS2 Classic GUI and the game gets played but as said earlier if u pick up a key it comes in ur inventory but i can still see the key down.

I try to pick it up again, it says u can pick only 1…Same thing happens when u pick Emblems, valves and lot of other things..I played the original cd on ps2. Such type of issue was not there.

What is wrong with your Gdrive links? Most of them reached the quota every time I check them. And even if I log into my account I won’t be able to download. Even Mega is a better option at this point, c’mon.

is this game support coop offline with player 2??

Link is off

How i can move it to my PS3? With a USB Fat32 is to big, you split? or transfer ftp?

split it

I’m not able to download

it is not possible to make a copy of the file via google drive.

I download and install it no problem on my ps3 slim 4.84.2 rebug.
But it can’t play and show this message below.

“ This copyright protection information is invalid. ( 80029513 ) “

Do u have .pkg to install and fix it?

Or How can i fix it?

Please help me!

P.S. Thanks…

install rap

Hey, uh, anybody here know what to do with “Invalid Copyright” issue? Most of the PS2 games I downloaded here always have that issue.

My ps3 slim use CFW Rebug 4.84.2

DO NOT ignore the .rap file. Move it to the exdata folder inside dev_hdd0 before installing the .pkg, that is your license.