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Quake 2

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Quake 2



CUSA35422 – USA

Link Download

Thank @Fugazi

CUSA35422 – USA

Game : Lets – MediafireQiwi1File

Update 1.02 : Lets – MediafireQiwi1File

Update 1.04 : Lets – MediafireQiwi1File

Languages : Eng, Fra, Spa, Ger, Ita, Rus

Game Content:

– Quake II
– Quake II (x64)
– Expansion: Call of the Machine
– Expansion: The Reckoning
– Expansion: Ground Zero

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SLUS00757 – USA (PSX to PS4)

Link Download

Note: Game PSX to PS4 (FPKG)

Thank @VikaCaptive

SLUS00757 – USA

Game : Mega1File

Note: Experimental convert for PS4. Works good, some minor graphical issue, but very playble!

Language: ENG

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Developed by id Software in 1997, Quake II is a critically acclaimed first-person shooter that introduces an entirely new science fiction narrative and setting. Now, experience the authentic, enhanced and complete version of the original.


Experience the Military Sci-fi FPS, Enhanced

Get the Original Mission Packs: The Reckoning and Ground Zero

Play the All-New Expansion “Call of the Machine”

Get Quake II 64 for Free

Enjoy Online & Local Multiplayer/CO-OP

Play Together with Crossplay

Motion Aiming Ready

Experience the Original Game, Enhanced

Enjoy the original, authentic version of Quake II, now with up to 4K* and widescreen resolution support, enhanced models, improved enemy animations and gore, improved and restored AI behaviors, enhanced cinematics, dynamic and colored lighting, anti-aliasing, depth of field, the original, heavy rock soundtrack by Sonic Mayhem, and more.

Play the Intense Military Sci-fi Campaign

Mankind is at war with the Strogg, a hostile alien race that attacked Earth. In response, humanity launched a strike on the Strogg homeworld…it failed, but you survived. Outnumbered and outgunned, fight your way through fortified military installations and shut down the enemy’s war machine. Only then will the fate of humanity be known.

Play the All-New “Call of the Machine” Expansion

A brand-new Quake II experience from MachineGames consisting of 28 campaign levels and one multiplayer deathmatch map.

Enjoy Online & Local Multiplayer and CO-OP

Fight the hostile Strogg through the gritty, military sci-fi campaign and expansions in 4-player online or local split-screen co-op, and compete in pure, retro-style combat with support for 16-player (online) or *4-player (local split-screen). Bot support for offline and online DM and TDM modes included.

Motion Aiming Ready
Improve your gunplay with an option that allows you to aim using gyro controls with SixAxis support. The option can be used in conjunction with the control stick for the perfect blend of immersion and accuracy.

*Maximum display resolutions vary by platform.

*Supports 4-player local split-screen multiplayer on PS4® and PS5®.

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Thank You.

Muchas Gracias!!!

What is “Quake II (x64)”? I’m used to “x64” meaning a version for 64-bit computers, but, I don’t think the PS4 needs two different versions of the game?

Can someone explain this to me like I’m a complete idiot? Cause I kinda am. lmao

Thank You!

Muchas gracias por este gran juego, como siempre son los mejores. 👍( ͡▀̿ ̿ ͜ʖ ͡▀̿ ̿ 👍