Prototype 2

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Prototype 2
April 24, 2012



Link ver USA – BLUS30756 (En,Fr) : Direct

Link ver EUR – BLES01533 (Es,It) : 1FileMegaDirect – Password:

Link ver EUR – BLES01533 (@Blue Magic) : MegaMediafire – Password : BlueMagic

Link ver EUR – BLES01532 (En,Fr,De) : 1FileGoogleDirect – Password:

DLC ver EUR – BLES01532 : Download

Link ver HAN – USA – NPUB30801 : PKGRAP


– Download this game for ver PC (windows, Mac) : Download Here

The sequel to the explosive open-world action game, Prototype 2 takes the unsurpassed carnage of the original Prototype and continues the experience of becoming the ultimate shape-shifting weapon. A devastating viral outbreak has claimed the lives of Sgt James Heller’s family and transformed him into a Prototype. Powered by incredible new shapeshifting powers and abilities, you must hunt, kill and consume your way across the infected wasteland of New York Zero to take revenge on the man responsible: Alex Mercer.

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How to change language?

hi i download hako-duplex-prototype.2 what the pass word i need it?


DLC for bles01533?

Probado y funcionan en HEN 4.87. La versión EU BLES01533 incluye texto y voces al español.

the link Link Google ver EUR – BLES01532 is really blus, shows blus into multiman ps3, select the game inside multiman and press square so you will see blus version below the image illustrated and above the paste name, thanks.

how can i change the it to English


Did u get tge english file


Al revisar los datos del juego en la consola el BLES01532 se registra como la version BLUS30756
Por tanto, esta mal en la descripcion

Totalmente de acuerdo,por favor arreglen ese pequeño error,gracias.

é isso mesmo, baixei o bles do link do google e é a blus, pra minha sorte.

oyun ingilizce nasıl oynanır

como lo pongo en español?


It says game is corrupt(eur version), how to fix?

how to get the DLC on ps3 with multiman, I installed but it still require psn log in

Stuck on the loading screen when i got to the firs time when you get to the spot that looks like the letter G

How to change to English?

No audio

Can you help me im stock in loading when i crash the helicopter in mission natural selection pls help

could you upload a host link , the game in English please

I have a question … are the dlcs of the BLES01532 version are compatible with the BLES01533 version? or does this version already have them included?

EL formato “PKG” esta incluido el DLC?.

which one is in English

dlc link no funciona

It is in Spanish, Can someone tell me how to convert the language into English?

where’s the google links?

Hi, I’m Spanish and I wanted to say that the prototype 2 BLES01532 even if it says it’s European is English and I would like to ask if they could find it in Spanish

I was download from Google Drive.. i extract and i got folder ps3_game… And anybody can teach me how to copy it on multiman 4.85?

yo bro

Thanks. Game BLES runs fine on ps3 slim 500gb, 4.84cfw ferrox, 4.85 multiman update.

Thank you, gracias

Not working

It crashes every time I open it

Console keeps crashing whenever I open the game

not in english 🙁

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