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Prison Boss VR

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Prison Boss VR


Link Download

Note: Game for PS4 – not use PS3

CUSA12826 – USA

Thank @seanp2500

Game + Update 1.06 : Download

Update 1.06 (Fix 5.05) : Download


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Crafting at night…

The crafting system in the game makes use of controllers in unique ways. Each crafting recipe consist in a series of gestures you’ll soon know how to perfect. Roll your cigarettes, fill up bottles, cook cakes, sculpt metal, create ropes out of pieces of fabric… and more! The game features 11 different craftables items, made out of 6 different base resources.

…Selling during the day

Each morning, the trader comes to see you. You can sell the products from your hard working nights or use them to complete jobs and earn some reputation along with some useful rewards. If you’re looking to buy stuff, prices change every day, so keep an eye out if you’re in need of specific items!

Customize your cell!

Create your perfect workshop by freely placing the furniture you buy where you want it! Add some posters on the wall or lamps to give it some style! But keep it functional, you’ll need space to hide your contraband and your money stacks from the guards!

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Does this work on 5.05? Unable to get anywhere in game stuck in menu. Game doesn’t progress…

A mí también me pasó lo de que no carga en proyector y no deja avanzar en 5.05 …. Solución?

Al jugar la primer misión no muestra el vídeo del proyector, queda en blanco y no deja avanzar, alguna solución?

Me uno al problema en 5.05 no deja pasar del proyector

Please upload persona 4 dancing all night <3

That’s a DLC for 4 unlike 5 and 3 which are individual games, it doesn’t make sense to raise a single DLC

Plz add watch dogs legion

Waiting the last remnant remaster

Me too waiting for the game Fighting EX Layer

Prison Boss VR Update 1.06 Already Backported



Game starts with backport but did you really test game? Do you see tutorial and play in first prison?

lol u scare me more than CyB1K

Game starts, but can`t play. Tutorial freeze and you can see only blank screen

what is password?

found pwd with base64 decode…

Thnks to Seanpen for bring us and psp for uploading

PSVR Games Rules!!!

Awesome works Dude!

PSVR Cool.gif

Thanks!!!!!!! You can upload cool Paint vr?



what language is that?

That’s Spanish, Public Education Edition™.

He meant something like “Why do they put (meaning “create” or “upload”, not clear) so many indie games”.

Hmm I am puertorican and well I did translate it to that as well. I just still can’t consider that as spanish. Hmmm. In any event. It’s rubbish mate. His comment is rubbish no matter what language you call it.

I thought it might be drunk Portuguese it was unclear to me.

Jajajaja you are right i´m colombian, and that is not spanish, i think that maybe for the word :”visian” is a modism used in : Argentina by rubbish people, and you are correct dude with your comment.

and, Please seanp2500 upload more old PSVR games !!! there are many games missing,under fmw 6.72 such as these …


i aready shared ultimate vr bundle A LONG TIME AGO. I might share Golem. Penn and Teller and Wizards are in my possession.

really seanp? I’ve been looking all over the site for your vr bundle share and I only find the demo disc 1 and demo disc2, can you helpme?can you sendme the link pls,i spent 1 hour and i cant find it. Thks for Golem. Penn and Teller and Wizards too and everything that you can share of PSVR (thks psp too for uploading) i share a beer and good energy for both…


reread my post you uh didn’t read it properly. I mean folks do I gotta read for him?

Anywho. Bad news bout golem. It requests 7.02. Penn and Teller and Wizards are for trade only sorry boss those will not be shared. But they do work on 6.72. #rif!

you will upload golem when 7.02 is available or its only for trade too?

Excellent game ! Return of the Obra Dinn plz plz plz

waiting for the game Fighting EX Layer

I’m also waiting since ex3 pus since 2000
please upload fighting ex layer……urgently…
I only want fighting ex layer…on ps4…..