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Pixel Ripped 1989

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Pixel Ripped 1989


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Thank @xmrallx

CUSA13589 – EUR

Game + Update 1.02 : Lets РMediafireQiwi Р1File

Password: downloadgameps3.com

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Pixel Ripped 1989 is a wacky multi-dimensional homage to the early days of gaming. The player embarks on a journey into the screen of a classic videogame and beyond. Set in the era of portable 8-bit consoles, this game-within- a-game follows the adventures of Dot, an in-game character who sees her world torn apart by the Cyblin Lord, a villain able to break through the video game screen and invade the real world. In the game, the player inhabits Nicola, a second-grade student who must help Dot save both realities from this menace by facing challenges in the retrogaming 2D world, all while distracting the cranky teacher and escaping from the furious headmaster in her own 3D world.

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@opoisso893 would you please make a 505 backport for this one?


This working on 672?

Megaton Rainfall VR, please and thank you

thanks! please, catch and realease, we need fishing in vr

guys please someone help me , my ps4 is 5.05 and I want to play this game so badly everytime i try to install it ,it shows me a note that I need to update my system, even with the update its no use, please someone help me , I’m tired

you are instal hen 2.1.4

i have sam broblem to fixed instal hen+vr not hen 2.1.4 the instal combleted and sorry for bad my englesh

its ok man, but my problem is not with VR games it’s with all games I couldn’t install resident evil 2 remake or CTR remake if you know a solution please tell me man