Persona 4 The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold

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Persona 4 The Ultimax
Ultra Suplex Hold
September 30, 2014



Link ver JPN – BLJM61209 : 1FileDirect

Update + DLC : Download



– Download this game for ver PC (windows, Mac) : Download Here

A few days after the P-1 Grand Prix concludes in the first Arena title, the city of Inaba gets enveloped in a thick red fog and Mitsuru, Akihiko, Fuuka, and Aigis are shown as prisoners on the Midnight Channel. The Investigation Team from Persona 4 and former SEES from Persona 3 must once again fight to their limits in the new P-1 Climax tournament to rescue them and finally uncover the true culprit behind the deadly tournaments.

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax will improve on the award-winning fighting game formula with battle-altering 1-hit special attacks and new characters, including Yukari Takeba and Junpei Iori from Persona 3 and a brand new character, Sho Minazuki. Not a lot is known about Sho other than his goofy nature and being an unstoppable force in both puns and combat. Two swords, two scars on his face, red hair and red mist in Inaba? Surely it can’t be coincidence that he’s standing in the way of the Investigation Team. And to make matters worse, it seems he can control a Persona…

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Sor can you please update it to version 1.03?
I can’t find it

What is the difference between this and persona 4 ulitmax?

Sir can you please update the game to v1.03?
I can’t find it

Works good, thanks. 🙂

lo podrian subir en pkg ?
porfavor ?

For some reason the dlc doesn’t include Margaret, please help 🙁

Found the solution, you have to go and update the game to 1.03 version. Google for it.

Do you have any link for it?
Because i searched google and didn’t find it

Mega links are down

use link google ! it work for me

No DLC link?

This files is for usa version o jp?

i downloaded the Game From The Google link and why it isn’t the Japanese it’s the USA version i wasted my time downloading the USA version
Can i convert from the USA version to the Japanese version ?

New link (host) is the Japanese version and there is also an English patch floating around to finally hear the game with Japanese voices

Just use an external downloader. In-browser downloader is ultra slow

where can i get the english patch?

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