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October 18, 2011
2,6 Gb + DLC
Link Direct PSN – USA – NPUA30073 : Game + DLC + Fix DLC (Mega1File) + Update
Link Mega PSN – USA – NPUA30073 : Download – Password:

Link ver HAN – NPUA30073 – USA: PKGPKG Unlock – RAP (Not Required)
Link ver HAN – NPEA00331 – EUR: PKGPKG Unlock – RAP (Not Required)


– Download this game for ver PC (windows, Mac) : Download Here

Payday: The Heist is a high-intensity squad-based first person shooter where players take on the role of a hardened career criminal pulling death-defying heists in the never-ending pursuit of the next “big score.” Quick wit, an equally fast trigger finger and above all teamwork are the rules of engagement as players will embark on a spectacular crime spree of six heart stopping heists, including blasting their way through a downtown bank vault robbery, managing hostages in an armored car hijacking and even a midnight infiltration of a top-secret, high-security facility.

Additionally, Payday: The Heist challenges players with dynamic environments and adaptive enemy tactics — meaning no scenario will ever play out the same way twice. Teamwork is essential to ensure crew members provide cover under fire, guard key access points, break through various security measures and keep civilians in check. Survive wave after wave of the best that law enforcement can deploy as they shift strategies in response to player actions and gameplay style.

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A question does not happen to them that they try to install a pkg of more than 1gb and it does not download them if it happens to someone or they can tell me how to correct this error I designed in answers

what are you talking about?

se puede online?

i will write this in portuguese br and english, i hope there is no problem.

ok galera, consegui fazer o jogo funcionar, vou tentar ajudar vocês a conseguirem jogar esse jogo também.

instale o jogo e a sua atualização (a atualização foi em torno de 3 gbs, então vai demorar um pouco pra baixar e instalar), depois saia do game, instale o ”pkg unlock”, este pkg que serve pra tornar o jogo completo, e o rap do mesmo pkg (esse é problema, aqui no site está faltando esse rap), depois de instalar o pkg+rap, reinicie o ps3, e inicie o game e ele vai estar funcionando completamente.

obs 1: caso ainda não funcione, reinstale o pkg unlock+rap, eu tive que fazer esse processo 2x para o jogo funcionar.
obs 2: eu usei a versão americana do jogo (NPUA30073 ), não sei se o mesmo processo pode funcionar com a versão europeia.
obs 3: eu estou usando o han na versão 4.86, creio eu que se vocês usam hen e cfw, o jogo irá funcionar também.
obs 4: o rap do pkg unlock da pra achar na nopaystation, tanto a versão usa e eur.

ok guys, I managed to make the game work, I will try to help you to be able to play this game too.

install the game and its update (the update was around 3 gbs, so it will take a while to download and install), then exit the game, install the ” pkg unlock ”, this pkg that serves to make the game complete, and the rap of the same pkg (this is a problem, here on the site this rap is missing), after installing pkg + rap, restart the ps3, and start the game and it will be working completely.

note 1: if it still doesn’t work, reinstall pkg unlock + rap, I had to do this process 2x for the game to work.
note 2: I used the American version of the game (NPUA30073), I don’t know if the same process can work with the European version.
note 3: i am using han in version 4.86, i believe that if you use hen and cfw, the game will work too.
note 4: the rap from pkg unlock can be found on the nopaystation, both the usa and eur version, hope that adm can update the page here and make rap available together.

my game shows trial after installing it the it plays only the first mission

same here bro i dont know what’s happen they should fix it

Como se hace para tener el juego completo? Gracias

In my ps this trial on cfw 4.86

mind shows trial too why is it like that

How to install it using pkg I watched some videos, they need a crack file

You Need Jailbroken PS3

s bok gibi lan,

Esta solo en Ingles no..?

si solo esta en ingles

It’s trial on hen…

Oh…ok thanks sir -w-

Download the trial from play station store, then install the pkg unlock file

Its trial version

When I start Hen the game is still Trial, what do I do?

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