Onechanbara Origin

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Onechanbara Origin



CUSA19217 – ASIA

Link Download

CUSA19217 – ASIA

Thank @MOEMOE & CyB1K & hako

Game : Lets – 1FileMegaMediafire

Update 1.03 : Lets – 1FileMegaMediafire

Update 1.03 (Fix 5.05) : Lets – 1File – Mega – Mediafire

DLC (@Barquillo) : Lets – 1FileMegaMediafire

Password: hako

Languages : EN, JA ,KO, ZH

Note: Some of the dlcs will unlock when you progress in the main story.

Guide DownloadTool Download )


CUSA14226 – JPN

Link Download

CUSA14226 – JPN

Thank @HR

Game : Lets – Zippy – 1File1File (Multi)

Fix 5.05 : Download


Guide DownloadTool Download )

Onechanbara Origin is a Miscellaneous game, developed by Tamsoft and published by D3Publisher, which was released in Japan in 2019.

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[CUSA19217] Onee Chanbara Origin Update v1.03 Fully Backported

Credits to MOEMOE for the dump!

Notes: 5.05 Backport! I didnt know this game existed until vika told me about the ps2 version, i love hack n slashes and specially when they feel good like this and when they have a freakin dash/dodge button, unlike devil may crap 5. Even tho im not a fan at all of cell shading i think eventually (ehh maybe one day) ill give it a chance, simply because the combat is so smooth!

I can fap with this?

Is there any chance you could upload the DLC for this title?

Just Asia and Japan only? Do either at least have English subtitles? (Never mind. It seems I can’t read well, lol. New to the site. By the way are new games or games with new updates added to the front page of PS4?)

Last edited 2 years ago by Arius_Strider

Thx for the Asia ver. I was looking forward to an English version.