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April 27, 2010
6,1 Gb + DLC

Link ver USA – BLUS30481: Lets1FileGoogle (Guide byass Google Drive download limit: Here)
Link Mega ver USA – BLUS30481 (English) : Download
Link Mega ver USA – BLUS30481 (Español): Download
Link DLC: Download
Link ver EUR – BLES00826 : Lets1FileGoogle (Guide byass Google Drive download limit: Here)
Fix EUR – BLES00826 : 1FileGoogle (Guide Fix :Here)
Link ver HAN – BLUS30481 – USA: MegaGoogle (Guide byass Google Drive download limit: Here)
DLC: MegaGoogle


– Download this game for ver PC (windows, Mac) : Download Here

Nothing is as it seems in this action adventure game, set in a crumbling world plagued by disease and dark, unrecognizable creatures. Players assume the role of the unyielding protagonist, Nier, resolute in his quest to discover a cure for his daughter, who is infected with the Black Scrawl virus. With powerful allies and a mysterious book, Nier encounters things that will confound even the mightiest of warriors.

Created by Cavia and Square Enix, Nier blends both innovative and traditional RPG gameplay mechanics with an intense, bloody combat system to create an action-packed single-player experience where players explore and discover a future lost to a shadowy past. Armed with a powerful set of magical abilities as well as mighty swords and armor, players will do battle alongside a set of formidable allies against waves of dark enemies and giant bosses to discover the truth about the disease, his daughter … and himself.

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EUR version : lag and sound bug After the second part of the game (spoilers: save kainé from stone) i had tried to restart a old save but same problem.

Descargué la versión BLUS en español. Iniciando el juego en formato carpeta, quedaba en pantalla negra. La solución fue convertirlo a formato “ISO”.

usa 1 file is not working plz fix it

letsupload is extremely slow in USA, over 2 days estimated download time please change host

The first Google Drive link on top of the download section (“Link ver USA – BLUS30481: Lets – 1File – Google“), is for the Spanish language version. This info should be included in the description or fix the links to the English version. I only found out after downloading and starting the game. Now going to waste my time downloading another without being sure if I might be getting another mislabeled link with another Spanish version…

gd limit please fix links arent working

i downloaded han version and got spanish language i believe, i want english version please 🙁

Does the DLC work for the version EUR – BLES00826 ?


Çok teşekkürler.

Someone khow the password to extract the Winrar??

The USA versions are in Spanish, plz reupload with the correct language

when i start the game gave me a black screen, i install the USA version

anybody know to change language to english ? I download ver usa in google drive and i got spanyol language


tela preta

USA English link don’t work fix it pleas thanks

How it works pleaz ? i try few many times but don’t work ( EU version i’m french)

I have BLES00826 version (europe)
I have BLES00826 NIER DLC DLCDATA000000001 but i don’t have the .rap file. I want to install DLC

i use rpcs3 and/or a ps3 jailbreak

Is it possible to install the DLC ? if yes, how please

Thank you

where you found the BLES00826 NIER DLC DLCDATA000000001?

BLUS30481 (Español) please google drive or letsupload

Muchas gracias.Funciona perfecto.
Thanks. Works great!

i download its bu i dont get the updated file in the 3 necessary files what do i do

can’t download the dlc, it only takes me to a scam page with no download option (USA version).

Me pregunto si tendrá una banda sonora tan buena como la de nier autómata, a descargar

muy buena banda sonora, descargue tranquilo downloads very slowly without premium please change file host.

Is it normal that the game does not work on RPCS3

I can’t install it I don’t see any pkg files

i forget , i talk about EUR version i’m french

yes it is. emulator is still in development phase still beta, that is more than normal to not work properly.

this download is not even for the RPCS3, is for the Playstation 3 itself, it doesn’t even have the required files to run in the emulator.

You don’t need .pkg, just open rpcs3,then click on file on top left>bootgame>select game folder

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