NCAA Football 14

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NCAA Football 14



Link ver BLUS31159 – USA : 1FileMegaDirect



– Download this game for ver PC (windows, Mac) : Download Here

Experience a whole new game in NCAA Football 14 with the introduction of real-time physics and the Force Impact system. Gameplay has also been tuned with the college game in mind, with special attention paid to collegiate staples like the Spread Option offense.

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It no longer works please fix it


Download 1.02 update from psnstuff, it solved the black screen problem

Download 1.02 update, it solves the black screen problem

These links just send you one of these various spam/ad sites like, that then “require” you to download a sketchy Google extension or other software like McAfee to “Complete your download”, only to never do anything but put unwanted software on your PC.

doesnt work

was able to get multiman to recognize the game, but it wont start. goes to a black screen. also i get a error when trying to copy over from usb to hard drive. any solutions to get the game to work

re-downloaded the files
1. transferred the file via ftp … still blank screen
2. ftp file was converted to iso … still blank screen

re-downloaded the files
1. transferred via ftp to ps3 … still blank screen
2. converted transferred ftp files to iso … still blank screen
appreciate all the help

Sorry for late reply just update the game before you open the game on the xmb screen click triangle and then check for update and you should see the update and then from there just click ok it will start downloading and then launch. Now no more black screen and you should be able to play the game.

The liinks do work, but after I got it downloaded I couldn’t get it to work in multiman, is there a reason or a fix for why this is happening?

Make sure you extract just one game folder, the file downloaded has a folder inside of a folder, so if you drag that in it won’t show in multiman.

Whats up with this site all link are fake

it still don’t work

these links dont work.

fake links

Hella Fake links.

fake links

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