Naughty Bear Panic In Paradise PSN

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Naughty Bear
Panic In Paradise PSN
Link ver PSN – NPEB01054 – EUR : 1File
Link ver PSN – NPUB30828 – USA : Mega

Link ver HAN – NPUB30828 – USA : PKG – RAP (Not Required)
Link ver HAN – NPEB01054 – EUR : PKG – RAP (Not Required)

1. Copy the edat files to an external hard drive or USB memory.
2. We install the game 1.NPUB30828 Naughty Bear Panic in Paradise.pkg
3. We install the Fix.
4. Open Multiman and select Select and Star at the same time and copy the file UP4040-NPUB30828_00-GAMELICENSE00001.edat to dev_hdd0 / home / 000000? / Exdata (if you have two 000,000 folders? With different numbers it is usually the first one and if there is no Exdata folder create one manually with multiman).

Naughty Bear Gold Edition: includes the three available downloadable content, this is: Episode 8, Episode 9: The Treasure of Bear Beard and Episode 10: The Vampiricon Naughty Bear Panic in Paradise: New delivery of the evil teddy bear that will return with new thirst of revenge to PlayStation Network and Xbox Live.


– Download this game for ver PC (windows, Mac) : Download Here

When the Bears of Perfection Island went on holiday to Paradise Island, Naughty Bear was not invited! Naughty Bear manages to secretly travel with the other bears, duct-taped to the exterior of the bus. With a list of bears who wronged him in hands, Naughty is ready to make them pay, one by one.

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this is the trial version which sucks I know its laggy too but I don’t care I just want to play this game again so does anyone know how to get the full version