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Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm

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Ultimate Ninja Storm
November 4, 2008
3,9 Gb
Link 1File ver BLES00371 – EUR: Download
Link Mega ver BLES00371 – EUR: Download – Password: vnsharing
Link Google ver BLES00371 – EUR: DownloadMirror – Password: downloadgameps3.com
DLC ver BLES00371 – EUR: Download
Link Mega ver BLUS30200 – USA: Download – Password: Jocesar​
DLC ver BLUS30200 – USA: Download


– Download this game for ver PC (windows, Mac) : Download Here

Evolving the head-to-head fighting action of the Ultimate Ninja series, Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm allows players to battle in full 3D across massive environments. Players will unleash powerful jutsu attacks, perform acrobatic evasive maneuvers and even run up walls and over water as they pursue their opponent for ninja supremacy. Players will be able to customize their character’s fighting style and recruit up to two support characters to put their own stamp on the action.

Allowing players to further immerse themselves in the world of Naruto, Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm introduces all-new free-roaming exploration across the Hidden Leaf Village and the Forest of Death. Players can search every inch of these iconic environments to take on more than 100 unique missions, collect valuable scrolls and interact with additional characters from the Naruto animated series. Injecting additional variety to the game’s head-to head combat, these missions include races, special deliveries and large-scale battles against massive opponents.

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Muchas gracias por el juego, me funciono perfecto

Are all the dlcs coming or is it just one? (I recommend making a guide on how to download each game, well only the complicated ones)

Part 1 & 3 won’t download in USA link . Solutions ?

Hola lo descargue, lo instale y resulta que es el ninja storm 3 no el 1, me pasarían el link del 1?

No meu só dar erro 80010006 e volta pra xmb.Alguem sabe resolver?


it shows installing game data then it closes and goes back to xmb screen please help

me too some one can help?

I turn on the BD mirror(game setting) on multiman and you just have to be patient and wait on the install. It had already work for me

alguien que me diga si el juego es formato carpeta y si lo paso como fat32 o nfts porfavor

como descargos los dlc

Instalei a versão BLUS em meu PS3, mas ao iniciar o jogo ele não instala os troféus do jogo. Já procurei mas não aparecem os troféus do jogo. Ajuda por favor!!


How install DLC in Version BLUS??

Hola. No lo tendrán en Hen?

hola alguien me ayuda no me sale el pkg para pasarlo al pendrive

no me sale ningun archivo pkg


hola alquien me ayuda ya descargue los archivos pero como los paso al pendrive?

sos re inutil amigo

Quais das versões tem legendas em BR ou PT?


How we install bless

funciona para qualquer versão do ps3?

Para los que en multiman se queda en negro pongan el juego en emular db

como hago eso?

Ayuda :c DLC Bles00371 eur caido :’c

Gracias :3

I was able to copy the game files to my internal gamez folder. Question, how do I install the dlc/update? I’m using CFW 4.85 and Irisman 4.85.

I’ve downloaded a few games, can’t seem to figure out how to install the dlc/updates for game files copies. Thank you.

Tem senha qual é ?

There is no rap file how will it work

from multiman

Alguém conseguiu extrair usando aquelas senhas da descrição??? Aqui só tá dando incorreta! Dê um help aí!!!

gostaria de saber se o download bles pelo google b679nuns é o jogo tambem porque o nome no arquivo do mega é diferente e se funciona no ps3 hen

my game freezes at loading screen at story mode.PLZ HELLLLP!!!!

I can’t download part 2 on eur version,please help me
i use mega

Por qué en Google drive se me traba la descarga?

Which link should I use?The Mega link has 8gb worth of files while the Google drive Link has only a little bit over 3gb of file.Which one should I go with?

usually go for the google file

The google drive has 2 parts that’s why. Either way is fine but it’s probably best to do the mega so it’s all together

How to download from iPhone ?

Not possible. It is a game for PS3 and you can only play it on PS3


D NEN ADAPTER FÜR 10 euro kaufen Un

I have a bug, during the fights, if i do the super technique the image stops, and then crash.

on PS3 Super Slim HEN 3.0 4.85 HFW

Aqui trava durante a cutscene da Super técnica também

how did you install it on your SUPER SLIM HEN PLEASE HELP ME OUT

Hola. Al instalar los datos del juego, se queda en 73%. no se porque. Ayuda

hola deisculpen porque en mega pesa tanto ?

Pantalla negra al cargar el juego con multiman, ya probe en ejecutarlo como iso y cemular bd, alguien me puede ayudar. Ayuda 🙁

usa hen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GAmTDabFE_E te recomiendo ese video

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