Monopoly Plus PSN

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Monopoly Plus PSN
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Link ver PSN – NPUB31582 – USA: GoogleMegaMirror – Password:


Link ver HAN – NPUB31582 – USA: PKGRAP


– Download this game for ver PC (windows, Mac) : Download Here

Monopoly Plus brings the world’s favorite family gaming brand to a new level with the original 2D Monopoly board as well as colorful and lively animated 3D version that evolves as you progress in the game. Monopoly Plus lets player choose their favorite ‘House Rules’ to customize gameplay. Up to six players will be able to enjoy Monopoly Plus online or offline.

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Do not install “UP0001-NPUB31582_00-ASOBOMONOPOLY001-A0101-V0100-PE.pkg” because it is a broken package. Install just the “UP0001-NPUB31582_00-ASOBOMONOPOLY001″package then apply the update. Works like a charm!

Hi what do you by just installed UP0001-NPUB31582_00-ASOBOMONOPOLY001 i already have downloaded this file only the rap file name like you mentioned the pkg file name UP0001-NPUB31582_00-ASOBOMONOPOLY001_bg_1_2812a7d4583635b448b4ea673d6010cd024391cb.pkg do you think this is a new package or same like you if it same like you can you please tell me step by step how to install it cause i don’t understand what do you mean in your comment. I using HFW i already installed a few games at it work without any error. Thank in advance

its works fine ,, thanks

why did the button broken?


Hay alguna forma de obtener más tableros para no jugar el mismo de siempre?

Link ver HAN – NPUB31582 – USA: PKG –
Probado miercoles 25 de nov _ tiene multilenguaje

está en español?

estaba en español?

iso !!!!!

How to install?

Hola tengo un problema por accidente borre la carpeta exdata (donde van los archivos .RAP) y cree una nueva carpeta exdata donde mande los archivos RAP pero me dice un numero de error similar al que aparece si no activaste HEN pero si lo tengo activado y creo que ese numero de error tiene algo que ver con el hecho de que borre la carpeta exdata ¿alguien me puede dar una solucion?

fail to start on han, black screen on hen
tried both versions

Como lo instalo con multiman

Hola cuando instale me sale pantallazo negro estoy en ps3 HEN 4.86 HFW alguien me puede ayudar, ya instale todos incluso los dlc

I went iso

Como instala ,qual ordem ?

Hola, wanna play?

i want to play 🙂