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Marvels Iron Man VR

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Marvels Iron Man VR


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Thank @DUPLEX & HK31

CUSA16206 – EUR

Game : Lets – MediafireQiwi – 1File

Fix 5.05 : Lets – Mediafire – Qiwi – 1File

Update 1.07 : Lets – MediafireQiwi – 1File


Audio : English, German, Arabic, Russian, Portuguese, Japanese, Spanish (Latin America), Italian, Portuguese (Brazil), French, Polish and Spanish.
Subtitle : English, German, Russian, Portuguese, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Italian, Portuguese (Brazil), French, Spanish, Arabic, Japanese, Spanish (Latin America) and Polish.

Note : Update work on 6.72 with Spoof

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Don the PlayStation VR headset to suit up as the Armored Avenger in an original Iron Man adventure! Using two PlayStation Move motion controllers fire up Iron Man’s Repulsor Jets and blast into the skies with an arsenal of iconic Iron Man weapons at your fingertips. Face off against Iron Man’s greatest foes in high stakes, action-packed battles. Upgrade tech in Tony Stark’s garage to customize Iron Man’s sleek suit and awesome abilities.

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5.05 no sound…. what can i do???

Still trying to figure out the no audio issue on 5.05, ive replaced the avplayer and the audio modules and it didnt really fix the issue

Hi, no sounds of voices in 6.72

Thank you HK31, but after applying the update, the game loses the voice (voice acting) !!! Dose anyone hase the same issue ?

Last edited 2 years ago by Cadillac

the same thing happens here, regardless of the language selected

 gorn vr please

Update V1.07 Iron Man VR by HK31 for release Duplex

PS: Update work on 6.72 with Spoof

1Fichier Premium
Password: UpByHK31

Password: UpByHK31

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NO funciona en 5.05 pantalla negra, alguna solucion???

Нет звука на 5.05 backport

Wtf No sound in 5.05!!

No sound on 5.05 backport

More vr games pls.

ياجماعة الخيرالعاب في ار هل تشتغل من دون النظارات



street of rege 3???????

thanks.more vr pls.

I have the following problem. After starting the game, the screen goes black and after a while the console turns itself off. Console is a PS4 Phat with 6.72 no Backport Fix installed. Does anyone have any idea what that might be?

no fix was needed on 6.72 worked just fine without one and you do need move controllers to play for folks asking. Here is a video where I show working…

Possible causes. You are not using correct exploit page and payload.

The correct one is psphive by leeful hen 2.1.3b

You may not have a psn activated account.

This appears from my investigations to be necessary for success as a jailbreaker. donor accounts have been made available to the scene.

I suggest you begin to use one if you are not.


Of course. You must have both psmove with only the Psvr helmet it will not work for you, neither only the controller , you must have two ps move. Cheers!


thanks. can you upload the walking dead saints and sinners


pas de son dommage 🙁

He said there is no sound

le jeu n’a pas du tout d’audio.

je suis 6.72 tu es 5.05

Donc pour avoir de l’audio il faut etre en 6.72 le fix en 5.05 foctionne mais sans audio.

Oui 6.72 est nécessaire pour jouer avec l’audio

Last edited 2 years ago by Dante

ok merci du retour et en 6.72 c’est stable ou sa crash toujours autant?

Audio para este juego ? No hay ?

I downloades Iron Man Duplex release and this fix but game has no sound, any tips? Thank in advance!

No sound on 5.05 backport

Funciona, y para aquellos que usan Android para descargar pueden utilizar PONYDROID que al igual quw JDOWNLOADER en PC agrega automaticamente los links GRACIAS

Do you need controllers?

no fix was needed on 6.72 worked just fine without one and you do need move controllers to play for folks asking. Here is a video where I show working…


Only working with VR?


can anyone help me, when i play this game, it comes no sound, has
anyone some ideas?

Ps4 Pro 5.05 JB with HEN

this work fine on 6.72 no bp was needed

hi bro how did u turn on vr in 6.72

Gosh so many people ask me this I am going to try and help you with a couple of things. I posted this at gba temp to try and help:

This gosh this is probably one of the most confusing things I have encountered. I will try to give you the definitive answer here and people feel free to copy and paste it for others.

Ok here goes. Try to stay with me.

To start just some basics ok.

There are 2 versions of psvr. I actually happen to own both of them. They as of 01/24/2021 both work with either a retail ps4 on 8.01 (took my retail ps4 offline for reasons no clue about on 8.03 but should be fine and I could go on psn till sunday with the 8.01 still). I have had reliable users give me info that you could also still switch between a ps5 and your jailbroken ps4 as well. With that said I highly recommend that you do not share you psvr with a retail console whether it is ps5 or ps4 because I am almost positive that at some point you will end up losing that ability. But to each their own.

So now to the good stuff. How do you use it. Well I know alot of people dislike Salt but in my humble opinion Salt has the best 7.02 menu and it does have hen 2.1.3b. Here is a video I made with some more info.

I will add since this video was made that the exploit does now work for me offline cache as well.

Ok so now you have your exploit and now you have a spoof so what’s my next steps? Well it depends on the firmware installed on the psvr and what exploit you load. I have done limited testing on 7.02 of psvr and extensive testing on 6.72 of psvr.

So first thing you should do is check the firmware the psvr is running.

Alot of people confuse updating the psvr (which is safe) with updating their ps4 (which is not safe). So make sure your ps4 is offline. That you ran update blocked. That when you go to notifications that you don’t have a pending update there if you do delete it. I am giving you these instructions to ensure you don’t accidentally update your ps4 which would be terrible. But the prompts are completely different. If you connect a psvr to a ps4 on 7.02 and your psvr firmware is below 4.10 I imagine it is going to ask you to update the psvr. I believe this is what you are experiencing. The ps4 system itself will update the psvr for you. As long as you are playing games which are playable on 7.02 firmware there is no reason you should be prompted to update the console unless you are online and have a ps4 update pending (again remember do not confuse psvr upate with ps4 update). But you should not have such a message if you followed above instructions. It is hard to follow you because we don’t have a pic of the screen you are getting but I believe you are explaining you have connected a psvr with firmware lower than 4.10 and the console is asking you to update the PSVR FIRMWARE NOT YOUR PS4 FIRMWARE but that is hard to tell.

So there is like a PSVR firmware check and a PS4 firmware check right? The spoofer is for the PS4 FIRMWARE check NOT the PSVR firmware check. Kinda confusing right?

Now the video I provided has a link to night king exploit which does have a spoof! Ain’t I great? Yeah I know I know. Anywho. What you could do in YOUR case is try that spoof. Still getting same message? Made sure you were offline? That you deleted any updates for PS4 firmware in notifications. Well check your psvr firmware I imagine that it is below 4.10. In which case go ahead and update that bad boy!

Unlike 6.72 hen b on 7.02 works perfect with psvr. So in your case the instructions you are being given are only confusing you sadly. So much bad info. So once you update the psvr firmware you should actually be golden!

I just want to include the explanation for 6.72 users here cause it’s a little different. On 6.72 if you have a psvr with firmware below 5 example 4.10 you MUST turn on the PSVR before launching the exploit and hen b otherwise you will get an error and the psvr will turn off. If you turn on the psvr and then exploit it actually works fine. If your psvr is above 5.00 psvr firmware on 6.72 hen b will never work for you no matter what you do. You have to use regular hen 2.1.3. I hope this makes sense to people! Good luck!


When will you ever stop complaining ?!

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Use the 5.05 fix if it needs a backport on 6.72 (error xx740)

Muchas gracias amigo por compartir juegos de VR.
Alguien puede confirmar si funcina en 6.72?

no fix was needed on 6.72 worked just fine without one and you do need move controllers to play for folks asking. Here is a video where I show working…

Gods remastered if u plizzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!


Fix 6.72?

no fix was needed on 6.72 worked just fine without one and you do need move controllers to play for folks asking. Here is a video where I show working…