Love Live School Idol Festival After School Activity Wai Wai Home Meeting

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Love Live School Idol Festival
After School Activity
Wai Wai Home Meeting


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Thank @xmrallx

CUSA24620 – JPN

Game + Update 1.02 + DLC : Lets – MediafireQiwi – 1File


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School Idol Festival ~After School Activity~ (School Idol Festival AC) is finally here on the PlayStation® 4!
Enjoy the School Idol Festival AC that you did at game centers now in the comfort of your own home!
Let’s party it up at your house!
Record popular songs and costumes from Love Live! and Love Live! Sunshine!! ♪
Enjoy live shows from μ’s, Aqours, and Saint Snow!
The PS4® version includes many different features. Enjoy live shows with View Live Show, and create your own setlists to perform in Live Show Medley!

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anyone update for the songs package?

when update with all the dlc songs?

Creo que el resto de los DLC, las canciones bloqueadas ya bienen incluidos en el paquete del juego, si alguien se tomaria la molestia de usar el
ps4-dlc-unlocker-maker” podria desbloquearlo, ya que solo esta bloqueado dentro el juego.

Only the attires & not the songs?

Missing song DLC, there are only 4 song on the base game, it’s very boring without DLC.

Last edited 2 years ago by Dmitri

Thank you. Many of the songs were locked, waiting for DLCs

What’s the DLC list?

I only get 4 songs for each of the groups…

They are only the costumes :c

Please find a way to get the dlc songs too!

whrere’s DLC songs?

How to make work the dlc?

Only costumes dlc? I hope we can get songs dlc soon

How to unlock other songs?

Does this include all the DLC songs as well?

It seems the DLC just includes all the costumes, but from all 72 Songs, are only 4 unlocked, all others have to be purchased, is it possible to add the Song DLCs?


Aunque está sea la versión base es muy bueno, espero que en algún futuro cercano suban los demás DLC para desbloquear los lives shows restantes 🧐

Is it compatible with 6.72? Thanks in advance!

este juego es hermoso!!!, gracias! 😭😤