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Life Is Strange Full PSN [Episode 1-5]

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Life Is Strange Full PSN
[Episode 1-5]
7,3 Gb



Link ver PSN – USA – NPUB31636


EP1 – Chrysalis: Download

EP2 – Out of Time: Download

EP3 – Chaos Theory: Download

EP4 – Dark Room: Download

EP5 – Polarized: Download

Update 1.06: Download

Fix 1.06: 1FileZippy

Guide DownloadTool Download )


Link ver PSN – EUR – NPEB02197:


EP1 – Chrysalis: Download

EP2 – Out of Time: Download

EP3 – Chaos Theory: Download

EP4 – Dark Room: Download

EP5 – Polarized: Download

Update 1.06: Download

Fix 1.06: 1FileZippy

Guide DownloadTool Download )


Link ver HAN – USA – NPUB31636: Download

Link ver HAN – EUR – NPEB02197: Download



– Download this game for ver PC (windows, Mac) : Download Here

Set in a fictional Oregon town of Arcadia Bay senior student Max Caulfield comes back to town after five years to reunite with her former friend Chloe as they attempt to find out what happened to fellow student Rachel Amber, whose disappearance remains unexplained. The pair find themselves exposed to the darker side of Arcadia Bay as they uncover the disturbing truth behind this sudden disappearance. Meanwhile, Max begins to have premonitions as she struggles to understand the implications of an unknown power she discovers — she can rewind time. While this power may help change painful events and even save lives, Max must learn that changing the past can sometimes lead to a devastating future.

Life Is Strange is a five part episodic game that sets out to revolutionize story based choice and consequence games by allowing the player to rewind time and affect the past, present and future. These digitally-delivered, narrative-driven adventure game episodes were created as a collaboration between publisher Square Enix and developer Dontnod.

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I tried the suggested methods but they weren’t correct on my device. Text not appearing or errors in the game …
This is the correct way that it worked for me

1- install the FULL GAME UNLOCK pkg

2- install the very all episodes 1/2/3/4/5 pkg

3- install fix files

4- install udpate file

hope it works for all

There is no FULL GAME UNLOCK pkg bro

this game here works perfect on cfw

u just have to install it correctly and that means NOT following the included directions

just do this

first install the FULL GAME UNLOCK pkg

then second install the very first episode pkg

then the game will be not a trial and it will be the full game unlocked

DO NOT TOUCH anything else




so that means DONT follow the directions included

then finally just install :

pkg episodes 2 3 4 5

and then go back to the game that is installed and then ALL episodes will be unlocked and playable in a list. Hope this helps.

ok i will try your tips

did it work?

whats “FULL GAME UNLOCK pkg”?? i cant get it

There was a full game unlock PKG But there is not right now
Just install episode 1,2,3,4,5 and then the fix then the update


OMG. Thank’s a lot . 🙂

I’m happy that you got it. 🙂

Yup,these instructions fixed the black screen of eternity issue 😀 ! Thank you very much!

Could someone please explain WTF is this:

Como instalo al parche al español subtitulado

Thanks for the tip, saved my time. This actually works. My system is HFW 4.86, HEN v3.0.1.

Thank You!!! It worked! Thank god!

where is this file located?( FULL GAME UNLOCK pkg) there is nothing to offer for download

Oh right in the fix RAR You will find the FULL GAME UNLOCK PKG
Its only 1KB

It worked on my ps3 hen, no black screen anymore. Thank you, man

Still working? My PS3 is hen too Wich version of the game you downloaded?

this instruction might work however you will encounter bug when playing the game like missing subs and keeping max in T position well in that regards to fully enjoy the game to its full function without any bug try this steps 1st install ep 1 2 3 4 5 then after that install update and then theres 2 fix folder pick the 4.cant remember but 4. will surely gets you the idea inside that forlder you will find fix ep1, fix ep2-5 and unlock full game, fisrt install the unlock full game then fix ep2-5 just do not install fix ep1 and taht should work just fine to its perfect gameplay

you are an absolute life saver, thank you.

this works everybody, thats how to play

FULL GAME UNLOCK pkg is inside of Fix 1.06 files.
Download this files and open the rar. there is it.

the fix is removed, other link?

life is strange more like LIFE IS CRING

Hello, i can’t donwload the fix 1.06. Any help please?

This is the way I figured it out.

  1. Installed Episodes 1-5 pkgs
  2. Installed the 1.07 update pkg
  3. installed the “unlock full game” and “2-5 fix” pkgs from the 4.71+ fix folder in the 1.06 patch folder

Works perfect so far^^ PS3 with HEN and HFW 4.87

ı need a this game a normal version(NOT JKG)

The links for USA and EUR doesn’t open…

Last edited 2 years ago by Noob

hi please don’t install fix108 ….blak screen

how i do to change langage in german please ?

como se instala,ayuda soy nuevo…

thanks for the eur version han, too bad it’s not in spanish but thanks.

Thank you! it’s works perfect…

Anybody knows if there are subtitles in Spanish?

-> install episode 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
-> install update

get the files inside folder fix 4.21+ and install (only) the ff:
-> unlock full game
-> fix episode 2-5

lifesaver, this works everybody


On episode 2 blus diner scene with Chloe, max was just t posing and I can’t do anything. On the start of episode 3 there were missing texture and the subtitles are corrupted

I had same problem, and here is how I fixed it.
Be sure to download each episodes .rap file. There is one for EVERY single episode. They are available in the ” USA link version han” link. Copy each .rap link at the bottom of each episode. Your welcome!!

Episode 2 glitch of subtotal and freaky pose during episode 2 and black screen in episode 3 can be fixed by just installing the update

How I have same problem

I have same problem how to fix it ?

Wich update bro ? i have same problem

it’s working alright but it says episode 3 and 5 are “coming soon” and not installed. any solutions?

como lo puedo poner en español :,v

Episode 2,4 and 5 not installed please fix this for NPUB31636

please be specific on how to install it
don’t just put link that is not helping us “Guide how to download”?
bruh we need is how to install a part by part pkg. (IN ORDER!)

there is a wrong fix in this topic Fix ver (1.07)
please upload fix for Update (1.06)

When downloading episode 1 i get an error at 14%

Hay algun parche para español?? Is there any patch for spanish?? Pleaseeee

Black screen oh Slim HFW 4.86 HEN 3.0.1 , anyone have same issues ?

Is there a versionversion han of this game?

Subtitles and Action indicators are displayed as random letters, numbers and symbols. it seems to be a coding problem. also the characters glitch s lot and do weird poses and i’m unable to move them around. Usually during some story previews the characters’ lips move but there is no speech. please fix this problem

Hey, I can’t play episode 2, it feels like a lot of missing part, the subtitle is weird and Max cant move after sit inside whale Dinner place. I install 2-5 extra FIX but nothing happen. please help

i have the same issue

Same, and i tried to update the game version into 1.08 because i think it probably gonna fix the issue but then episode 2,4 and 5 became unavailable to play

same issue

same bro

I found solution about this issue on, just download NPEB02197 HAN version and update the game into 1.07 version and start the game, just that.

How to update the game to 1.07 exactly

a proper guide please.

i cant download the Fix because

Update fix link is expired plz fix it thanks in advance

it’s not working

I download epsd 2 and 3 usa version, but the epsd 2 just won’t work, idk why. 🙁

esta en español ?

I installed the pkg game file first, then the unlock pkg, then the fix pkg. but when i play it, it only shows black screen… please help..

Cómo instalar todos los episodios:

Asegúrate de descargar todo (5 episodios + actualización + corrección)
Primero instale [FULL_GAME_UNLOCK] .pkg (está dentro del arreglo rar)
Instala el Episodio 1.
Instala los episodios 2, 3, 4 y 5.
Instale la actualización V1.7

No requiere instalar estos pkgs la version 1.7 lo soluciona
parche V1.06. (Solo +4.21) (está dentro del arreglo rar)
EPISODE_2-5_FIX.pkg. (está dentro del arreglo rar)

esta en español

Anybody install for Han? that’s work ?

Yeah bro works just fine


How do you install it? (IN ORDER) PLEASE!…

Just install the pkgs, normally


He said that He can’t install the game.

GAME FIX 1.06 download link not working

GAME FIX 1.06 Link Broken

GAME FIX 1.06 Link Broken

How to install the Crack ?
would you make tutorial Youtube please.
i love this game but don’t know how to make it full version,
because i don’t know where to copy the crack is.


I played and finished episode 1 but the game won’t let me play episode 2 even if I installed it. What to do?

search the french version please don’t close your website if not we will sonnl loose all ps3 game

I’m sorry, do you if it contains spanish subtitles?


Lo estoy descargando ahí dice lenguaje multi. A ver si está en Español.

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