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Katamari Forever

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Katamari Forever
September 22, 2009
4,8 Gb – 13,2 Gb

Link ver Full

Link ver EUR – BLES00658: Mega


Link ver Rip

Link ver EUR – BLES00658 : 1FileMega – Google

Password: vn-sharing.net



– Download this game for ver PC (windows, Mac) : Download Here

The first entry in the joyous roll-em-up series for PlayStation 3, Katamari Forever retains the basic Katamari Damacy formula but ups the scale of everything. You’ll find items in far greater numbers sitting around waiting to be picked up and added to your growing katamari clump. The game features over 30 stage goals — the highest number in series history. All of this is presented in full 1080p visual quality. In addition, the visual design has changed. Or, rather, it can be changed. You can now choose your own visual style, selecting from a variety of styles like “comic touch,” “new touch,” and “wood touch.” The game’s rendering engine changes accordingly. Those who like the original style can play the old fashioned way too.

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The Rip version is broken, can’t get past the tutorial because of infinite loading times, remove it please or apply a solution.

Could you please upload the new PS4 game from the Katamari creators? The game is called Wattam and I believe is possible to dump now because is for the PS4 firmware 7.02

can you upload the full version on Google Drive, please? the download on mega is very limited for me 🙁

Rip versions are broken, they don’t get past the tutorial.

Please remove them?

Rip version doesn’t work, it boots up and loads the tutorial, but after the tutorial is finished, it gets stuck on the loading screen.
Might try the other version later

same too

Downloaded Rip version from gdrive. Doesn’t get past title screen. Will try again with the full version.

“Link ver Full” seems to work fine. Download that one instead.

would it be possible to upload it as an pkg, I can’t change the game to pkg format with my mac.

what’s the difference between the normal version and the rip version?

strip out the movie files to one language

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