Just Dance 2019 Mod

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Just Dance 2019 Mod


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Game : LetsGoogle1File

Note: for HFWs, just use the ODE fix from Justdance2018: 1FileMega


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– Download this game for ver PC (windows, Mac) : Download Here

Play whole just dance 2019 songlist now including make me feel and fire on the floor on your ps3

Hhi everyone
I’m glad to release update for jd19ps3

Since release of jd19ps3 new ps3 exploit has been made hen
Now game is playable on all ps3 models
It’s not playable on han, but it is on hen and cfw
If you’d like exploit your ps3 here are couple of beginner friendls videos (do it at your own risk):
For all models (hen): Here
For specific models (cfw): Here

This is standalone update so if you didn’t download release you can just download this
This update comes in 2 types for hen and cfw
You need to download base_hen+cfw for both
If you’re on cfw and you’d like to have separate save file for jd19ps3 download optional_cfw
When you download optional_cfw copy all files inside it to base_hen+cfw
Keep mind that this mod uses same savegame from jd18 if you don’t download optional_cfw
But it won’t mess up your jd18 savegame

You need to load it with some of the file managers: multiman, irisman, webman,…

Recommended to play in english

Thanks to
jdup team for letting me use parts of their ui and files for fire on the floor and make me feel
kubas and adrian for recording and testing