J Stars Victory VS Plus

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J Stars Victory VS+
June 30, 2015

Link ver USA – BLUS31519 (En,Fr,Es) : 1FileDirect
Link ver EUR – BLES02136 (En,Fr,De,Es,It) : 1FileDirect
Link ver HAN – USA – NPUB31647 : PKGRAP


– Download this game for ver PC (windows, Mac) : Download Here

Your favorite Shonen Jump heroes jump off the page and duke it out on your screen in J-Stars Victory VS, a 2v2 brawler that features an insane roster filled with manga & anime stars. J-Stars Victory Vs+ invites fans and gamers to play with their favorite manga/anime characters and progress in the JUMP World through different environments recalling Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, One Piece and other memorable moments for every manga and anime fan.

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MEGA link requires password. Wich one is it?

I can only play 2 player when i play the adventure or any other mode by myself if crashes on the rpcs3 can please help me

es que se jeux passe en mod av

How to install the game? I am already download ver USA but it not run at my ps

O meu pede a licença da psn como faço pra resolver eu baixei em pkg

Link ver USA – BLUS31519- El link de google drive, Redirige a mediafire, Es normal?

Link ver USA – BLUS31519 : Mega – 1File – Google
Password: ??

these links broken too

it takes you to a page that never lets you download the files you check the captcha and then it never gets past that it does not work period end of story it does not work

mega link part 4 not found

how to fix problem playstion store on NPUB31647

Cuando inicio el juego se me apaga el sistema y suenan tres pitidos :/ pero no esta caliente ni nada

The file is incomplete.

How do i add this to the PS3?
It shows parts (part 1, part 2, etc) Do drag those into one big folder or drag separately?

Link ver han
Dont working
Eror because game copyright

Same error

Same problem

! C:\Users\User\Downloads\BLES02136-Team-GamerBross.part3.rar: Erreur de somme de contrôle dans BLES02136[JSTARS Victory VS]-Team-GamerBross\BLES02136\PS3_GAME\USRDIR\data\PS3\partition_op_map_ps3.cpk. Le fichier est corrompu
! C:\Users\User\Downloads\BLES02136-Team-GamerBross.part3.rar: Erreur de somme de contrôle dans BLES02136[JSTARS Victory VS]-Team-GamerBross\BLES02136\PS3_GAME\USRDIR\data\PS3\partition_op_progress_ps3.cpk. Le fichier est corrompu


Thanks. Game BLUS runs fine on ps3 slim 500gb, 4.84cfw ferrox, 4.85 multiman update.

ya no aparece por google drive

RAP is Broke

Hey there. Can you please upload the BLUS31519 on Google Drive ?
Mega has a limit. :/

em amigo eu sou do brasil e quero te agradecer pelo trabalho incrível você tem me ajudado muito o seu site e o melhor , não quero exaltar a pirataria mas esse é o único jeito de pessoas que não tem condições terem acessos a essas obras fantásticas que são os jogos , novamente muito obrigado ! .

Does this game work on multiman?

How to install this part game?

it just give a black screen after install.. anyone could help..? is this even working..?


al final a que sebe? y el archivo par 3 me lanzo el fichero con error no pasa nada?

mais sa passe pas en av chez moi

cuando lo paso al programa cfw todo bien pero me sale esto deleting source folder

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