Immortal Unchained

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Immortal Unchained


Link Download

Note: Game for PS4 – not use PS3 – Test with 6.72

CUSA09922 – EUR

Thank @dorukhan

Game : Lets – Zippy1File

Update 1.17 : Lets – Zippy1File

Update 1.17 (Fix 5.05) : Download


Audio : English
Subtitles : German, Russian, English, Italian, French, Polish, Spanish

(Guide byass Google Drive download limit: Here)

Guide DownloadTool Download )

You are a living weapon. Unwillingly unchained by the Warden, the player’s skills are put to the test, given only the instruction that they must stop the end of the world. With a story the player must piece together themselves, the central character sets off with no memory of their past.

Other characters in the game may shed light on the situation, but the reality is not always clear, as characters are always operating on their own agendas. Use your diverse arsenal of ranged and melee weapons to clear your path as you explore dark sci-fi interconnected worlds in your quest for truth and salvation.

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Where 1file one link? lets no link?


You are a freak man. why do you keep compressing an already compressed files? why do we have to extract the files TWICE?

And Don’t play the “I’m doing you a favor” you’re just using others’ uploads to make money out of those butt-load of ads and pop ups. and if you want to continue “benefiting from us”. you need to stop the freaking torture. or we turn our ad blockers on. as simple as that.

Also when people report a non working fix or non working games. DELETE THEM! or your site will lose traffic and reputation (your site is already flagged as dangerous) and no it’s not a false flag. there are few other sites that offers the same links that wasn’t flagged as harmful as your site
All you care about is traffic, even though you know a huge update won’t work you keep it on for people to download so they can load more ads. you don’t give a shit about others.

Just be honest stop doing the stupid duplicates of files not all people have high end tech and PCs nor fast inherent like you do yourself. extracting 30GB of files would take up to one hour for many. let alone having to go through that same shit twice because you’re a freak of nature who enjoys compressing “compressed files” just to get his kicks our of torturing others jeez!


Links that comes with your password attached to it, and containers that has your site’s logo (on filecrypt ) these games are downloaded form their sources and re-compressed and uploaded again, thus you need to extract the game TWICE and wait for hours

The pandemic is not your only own problem. it’s the same for everyone else’s everywhere. still. you’ve been doing this crap for years so don’t blame it on the pandemic and treat me like a fool.
I have reported a game for the PS3 3 years ago, and posted links for you to read that game CANNOT BE PLAYED ON PS3, all methods tested and reported the game cannot be played on a jailbroken PS3. and we asked you to take it down but you ignored our comments (you only reply to comments form those who haven’t clicked on the download links yet, or they might still have to grant you more clicks) but you IGNORE the rest without even offering an apology for wasting their time and bandwidth.(you can easily play the victim here)

You might have a fast internet connection, but there are people who’d wait for long DAYS for their downloads to finish and test the game to find that it CAN’T BE PLAYED even though you’re aware of the issue but you kept the game up anyway without even offering a warning (i’m talking about Quake the last one released for the PS3 years ago )and that was one example of many

I haven’t turned on my ad blocker, and i don’t mind it at all. it’s ok if you wanna make some bucks offering a service just do it better, don’t lie, or pretend that you didn’t know. you approved these comments yourself. and they did reported these broken files and fixes…..prove me wrong

The main links and sources did a neat job, Duplex compresses the files ONCE, not twice. and i’m sure you got access to Dark software and PSXHAX, you can always use a trusted sources. You can add notes next to each host at least, like this:

Game file hosted on Zippy and Google tested and reported to be working
1fitcher never tested

Then you can ask people to confirm (please tell us in the comment section below )and from what i’ve seen there are many people who’s eager to help (we rely on their comments nor your notes)

Don’t look at them as a one time thing. these people will come back and click more and grant you more traffic of you treat them well. acknowledge their existence and efforts. and work on building a better community
Anything is fixable if you put your mind to it. it’s your site your choice.


Go fuck your self and buy your own game.. If your not satisfy why keep on visiting this site looser!


Thanks, Gamesucker
Amazing how people are getting free games costing $60 each if not more yet complain about minor inconveniences like ads and zipped files. I don’t mind clicking thru a few ads to save some money.
Keep up the good work, psp! Like you said if he doesn’t like it stop bitching and go somewhere else.


Update fix google are down, 1ficher i can’t use in my country because it requires paid account
Could you reupload it to Zippy please? it’s a small update


Also you have got to remove this guide because the method doesn’t work anymore and you know that but yet y9ou linked the old updated guide

As i said i checked all links doesn’t work for me. it works for you because you’re the host. i got the message from google that there are too many downloads for this file and download limit has exceeded
The copy trick doesn’t work anymore as you know
It’s ok i’ll look for it somewhere else


It doesn’t work on Firefox. work on Chrome for some people but not everyone
Why even bother hosting on google drive anymore? it sucks! you got better hosting sites. like mediafile and Zippy


work in 5.05 whit update fix


fix for 5.05 please

Mohamed magdy

The fix please


please fix 5.05






no funciona en 5.05 gracias por los juegos ,espero a actualizar


Sorry i mean to say PCX4


no but you can play the pc version which is much better anyway


Can i play game this game on copmuter by using RPCS3 Emuletor


Hope to have File Fix-Update 1.04 of PES 2020, and File Patch Kit PKG of PES 2020 about Club Team Names, Club Uniforms, Cup Trophies…..soon. Thank you!!!


fix 5.05 please! 🙂


Thanks your upload game, you are awsome!!! This is a great action shooting game. Hope to have File PKG Patch Kits of PES 2020 about Club Team Name, Club Uniforms, Cup Trophies…..soon!!!


Fix 5.05 please


Upload call of duty modern warfare

wayne ryan

how can i get the zippy links in text format as in uk zippy blocked thanks

wayne ryan

thanks just need the 505 patches now lol

Jedi D


Christos Koios

Jedi’s suppossed to be Smart, dude !