Guide Play PS2 Games On Your PC


Video Guide: Here – Guide image: Here

Description Contents:

1 . Required Software Download


  • Check Core Count your PC: Here
2 . Instructions - Setup & Run

A – Install Required Software step 1

B – Double click the PCSX2 icon to run it and click “Next” twice.

C – Uncheck “Use Default Settings” and click “Browse” on the right.

D – Find your BIOS file, choose it, and select the latest BIOS version.

(Note – Your games will not be negatively affected by choosing a BIOS outside of your country.)

3 . Instructions - Configure Gamepad

A – Go to Config, Controllers, Plugin Settings.

B – Click “Pad 1” tab for controller 1 and bind your buttons/keys.

4 . Instructions - Run Game

A – CDVD Tab, ISO Selector, Browse, & Select your game.

B – System, and Select either of the Boot CDVD options. Your game should be running. 🙂

5 . Instructions – Configuration

A – Config, Emulation Settings, Speedhacks Tab, Uncheck “Preset” box at the bottom left.

B – Check your core count (link at top of the description), Check MTVU if you have 3 or more cores.

C – EE Cycle Rate can generally go up to 2 & VU Cycle Stealing to 1 without too many issues.

(Note: The higher these values, the more unstable your game usually becomes. Try to keep these as low as possible if you can.)

D – Speedup where you don’t have to worry about stability: Config, Audio, Plugin Settings. Select the lowest values while still having audio and check “Disable Effects Processing”.

6 . Instructions – Graphics Configuration

A – Config, Video, Plugin Settings.

B – Near “Internal Resolution”, select 2x or 3x option. Requires adequate GPU.

7 . Common Issues & Errors w/ Fixes

I: When the game goes into certain cinematics, it just stops and in the PCSX2 logs it gives the error code: (EE pc:0015D730) TLB Miss, addr=0x2cbf9083 [load]

F: This is most likely due to the ISO file you’re using. The best fix is to obtain another one that does work fine, and try again without using save states. (If you don’t know what save states are specifically, then you probably don’t use them.)


I: Can’t hear sound from the game.

F: There is at least one likely fix for this. Go to “Config”, Audio (SPU2), and click “Plugin Settings”.

Under “Module:” to the right, make sure to choose the “1” option, “Xaudio 2 (Recommended).”


I: Soon after starting the game, it crashes/freezes/turns black.

F: There are a couple of possible fixes for this. One is that you are trying to play a Playstation 1 game through PCSX2. Most, if not all, Playstation 1 ISOs are incompatible with PCSX2. If this is your issue, I recommend using ePSXe, or a similar application that can emulate Playstation 1 games well.

The second possible option is that the ISO is corrupt. It’s surprising how many ISOs can be/become corrupt so easily. If you suspect this may be the case, then acquire another ISO, one that is uncorrupted and try again.


I: [Specific to Final Fantasy X] When I get to the summoning cutscene in Kilika, the screen fades to black, and I can only hear certain ambient sounds like the ocean in the background, and it stays that way.

F: Go to the “Config” tab, and click “Emulation Settings”. Under the “EE/IOP”, and “VUs” tabs, make sure to select “Extra + Preserve Sign” for both. If that doesn’t work, try to switch to “Extra”, instead of “Extra + Preserve Sign” for just the “VUs” tab.


I: I get the “pcxs2 I get api-ms-win-crt-heap-l1-1-0.dll is missing from your computer” error.

F: (Not yet confirmed) Sounds like you don’t have C++ (or the right version)I’m not sure which one is required, but you can install all the ones I linked (bottom of the description). You can install both (x86 and x64) files of each package without any conflict. Like I said though, not sure which is required to run PCSX2.


I: “Pcsx2.exe has stopped working: Error
F: Unfortunately these errors aren’t descriptive enough to have a consistent solution (at least as far as I’m aware). However, there are some measures that seem to help more than others. Make sure your graphics drivers are installed and up to date. Also make sure to install C++ (2005, 2008, 2010 AND both x86 & x64 versions. They won’t conflict with each other), latest compatible version of DirectX, and .net Framework.