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Fatal Inertia EX PSN

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Fatal Inertia EX PSN


Link ver PSN – NPUB30023 – USA: Download – Password:
Link ver HAN – NPUB30023 – USA: PKGRAP



– Download this game for ver PC (windows, Mac) : Download Here

Inspired by combat racing games such as “Mario Kart” this futuristic racing game positively encourages players, gathered around the TV or competing online, to be as devious and imaginative as possible in knocking your rivals out of 1st place. Taking advantage of the extra power that the PS3 provides, Fatal Inertia enables players to bring rock falls down on their opponents, blast through layers of ice to dive into the water below for a sneaky shortcut and totally ruin someone’s chance of victory with a little bit of cunning and a whole bunch of ingenious weapons.

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sorry for all what have happened I was just a little dumb and still a beginner in jailbreaking and downloading free games especially psn games so forget about what I wrote before and forgive me please. thanks you so much:)

please delete my old comments here

Last edited 2 years ago by John Cena

please fix the links they are not working I have tired to download the pkg version but it redirect me to another site and please fix and remove all fucking ads. If possible upload the pkg version to mega or google drive.
please respond and fix all links and remove the fucking damn ads.

thanks for replay will try again

wow thank you It have worked it is now downloading I will try it in my ps3.

sadly didn’t worked please help me

ok but there is two pkg and rap which one please respond

and also anything I click in the website it redirects me into anther website why

wort website every I click on download and it redirects me into unsafe malware website worst website ever please don’t download games from this stupied webiste

hey I downloaded the game and followed the steps sadly the game didn’t work help me please

please help I have click on the han version to download but the link didn’t work

it does not work I have followed your guide and your steps I tried the psn version it does not working all main parts are missing the ps3 update, ps3 game, and disc. tired download version han I click on the link it didn’t work and even didn’t download.

I think I will stop wasting my time with this stupied site and I will recommend people not to download games from the fucking site.
fuck you(the damn owner of the site)

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